Amritsar FM

Amritsar is a bustling industrial city sited in the state of Punjab, the nation's lush green granary. The city, full of the hustle and bustle associated with the chaotic city life also happens to be the home of a jovial lot of people who love to fill their lives with song and dance.
Music is an intrinsic part of the lives of the Punjabis. Thus Amritsar FM is one of the most important forms of broadcast media in the city.

The people of Amritsar are associated with the fun, frolic and boisterous behavior. Bhangra and Gidda are two very lively forms of music that the locals as well tourists enjoy. The Amritsar FM channels play lively music and also relay the hourly news in order to update people on the current affairs.

In fact the tremendous popularity of the FM radio has prompted the schools and colleges to reserve a slot solely for educational purposes to foster academic development in the city. The channel is said to be devoid of advertisements or chart busting music.

The other popular radio channels like Radio City and Big 92.7 FM are also rocking the air waves of Amritsar with popular shows. The shows breathe life and fresh and help in breaking with the monotony. Apart from the popular music programs, live chat shows, news programs, a wide array of contests that reward the winner with attractive prizes are also given. Interviews are organized with celebrities to add to the entertainment quotient of the listeners.

Last Updated on : 08 June 2012