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Suppliers of Batteries and Inverters in India

We supply a range of products to our customers. We have a vast network of credible and most reputed manufacturers of Batteries and Inverters in India. They are not only known for their quality and competitive price but also their excellent after sales service. We are proud to be associated with them for such a long time.

We have every model of batteries and inverters of companies like Microtek, Su-Kam and Exide also distribute several other brands and models of inverters and batteries on demands of our clients.

Durable Batteries and Inverters

Some of our products include:
Su-Kam Inverters:
We offer our clients, various models under the Su-Kam DSP Sine Wave Inverter series. They are 100% safe and are meant to run sophisticated and expensive office equipments as they have unbalanced load handling capacity. They do not make irritating noise while operating.
distributors and suppliers of High Quality batteries and invertors in Gurgaon
Exide High Frequency Batteries:
distributors and suppliers of High Quality batteries and invertors in Gurgaon
They are used by those who wish 100 % pure, reliable and regulated power at a very low cost. These batteries have low weight with extended backup time and are easy to maintain. They are also efficient power savers.
Exide Batteries:
These are highly durable and easy to maintain batteries which are highly protected against any kind of leakage and corrosion. They have a special lead alloy composition and hence an efficient charge acceptance capacity.
Most durable batteries and inverters
Exide Battery Chargers & Battery Equalizers:
reliable and durable batteries and Inverters in India
The Battery Chargers are microprocessor regulated in order to provide accurate and quick charging. It has a high AC input voltage range. The Battery Equalizer is used for correcting the imbalance in electrical transmission in the case of charging of UPS and Inverters. They also protect you against harmful effects of lead fumes due to poor power supply during charging of batteries and inverters.
MicroTek Su-kam Battery:
These inverters are designed to handle a range of high and low voltages. They are generally used in offices where there are very high capacity sophisticated equipments. It is due to its durability and efficiency that MicroTek Sinewave inverters have won the EFY awards for the 5th consecutive year.
Sukam Inverters
Exide Battery:
Exide Batteries
They are highly efficient and reliable batteries which meet the safety as well as functionality concerns of the customers. They are low cost batteries which give maximum output. They can be used for various purposes both as home and in the office. They come in a wide variety of models.
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