Road Transport in Bhubaneswar

The road transport in Bhubaneswar is comparable to any other contemporary Indian city. The road transport in Bhubaneswar provides optimal service to the city's residents.


The road transport in Bhubaneswar includes a wide range of vehicles. The range of options available to Bhubaneswar's residents extend from the Orissa State Transport buses to unmetered taxis, cycle rickshaws and the ubiquitous three wheeled auto-rickshaws


The road transport in Bhubaneswar runs on standard roads maintained by the Bhubaneswar municipality. The roads of Bhubaneswar are made up of asphalt or sometimes concrete. Asphalt is flexible and 'flows' under the Bhubaneswar traffic. Concrete is used to make pavements in Bhubaneswar city. Concrete is more rigid and capable of taking heavier loads. Concrete is also more expensive.


The road transport in Bhubaneswar is an efficient one. The efficiency of road transport in Bhubaneswar is largely due to a well entrenched traffic control system. The traffic control system of Bhubaneswar is broadly divided into three categories: signs, signals and pavement markings. These traffic control systems aids the driver to correctly navigate his vehicle and avoid potentially fatal traffic hazards


The road transport in Bhubaneswar suffers the common hazard of all urban vehicles the world over- traffic congestion. Sometimes the traffic congestion problem becomes so acute that the vehicles stop altogether. This is called 'traffic jam'. The main reason for such a state is a high traffic volume for a given road capacity. The Bhubaneswar transport authority has been actively considering the various options for solving such an acute problem. The options include widening of traffic junctions in Bhubaneswar.


Last Updated on 27 July 2012