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Science and Technology Current Events

GPS likely to be made mandatory in public transport vehicles

In an attempt to make all public transport vehicles safe for passengers, particularly women, the road transport ministry has issued a draft notification that specifies all transport vehicles(with seating capacity of more than 23) to have GPS installed, a different type of vehicle tracking device, an alert button and CCTV cameras. Additionally, all vehicles with less than 23 seats would be expected to install vehicle tracking device and emergency button.

Indian Smartphone market witnesses 23 Per Cent Market Growth in Q1 2016

Research firm Counterpoint said that despite flat global sales, smartphone market in India increased by 23 per cent in 2016’s Q1. Research Director Peter Richardson said Indian smartphone market is showing strong smartphone demand even after becoming the second largest smartphone market after surpassing that of USA. He also said there is immense potential for all players in the mobile value chain in India. Advent of 4G LTE network infrastructure will usher in new wave of smartphone adoption in India.

Lok Sabha lauds ISRO's Effort in launching 7th Navigational Satellite of India

Lok Sabha has lauded ISRO’s successful effort in launching 7th navigational satellite. Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi christened the IRNSS-1G satellite as NAVIC, which will provide India its indigenous satellite navigation system. With the help of the satellite system, NAVIC will provide information of Indian region along with 1,500 kms around mainland. Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan congratulated both scientists and technologists of ISRO on the successful launch as well as the upcoming endeavours of ISRO.

ISRO successfully launches seventh navigation satellite

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully developed India’s own navigation system with the launch of IRNSS-1G, the last satellite in the series of seven navigation satellites. Carried by PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) C33, IRNSS-1G lifted off from the launch pad at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota at 12:50 p.m. With a mission life of 12 years, IRNSS-1G was successfully placed in orbit by PSLV-C33, 20 minutes after the lift-off.  

India along with 174 Countries sign landmark Paris Climate Change Deal

Environment Minister of India Prakash Javadekar along with representatives of 174 other countries signed the landmark Paris climate change agreement, which Javadekar regarded as “triumph of collective wisdom” for saving the world. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reminded that it is “a new covenant with the future” where every party needs to meet the signed promises. Reports say the agreement will come into effect later this year once 55 countries contributing at least 55 per cent global emission joined it formally.

Over 2.5 lakh village panchayats in India to get broadband network by 2018

Telecom Secretary J. S. Deepak, while speaking at Global Exhibition on Services at a venue in Greater Noida said that Union Government is looking forward to roll out broadband network to all village panchayats throughout India (estimated over 2.5 lakh panchayats) by 2018. He went on to say that all these panchayats will be connected through fibre optic network and the rolling out will be done under the Bharat Net programme. Deepak said that internet-equipped panchayats will further help in boosting connectivity.

Cashless toll payment to hit 275 toll plazas across India

NHAI, the governing body for highways has announced the introduction of cashless toll payment mechanism at around 275 toll plazas across India effective from 25 April 2016. Named as FASTag, the system would utilize RFID technology. NHAI has also hinted on introduction of similar systems at 75 more toll plazas in different parts of India.

Google Chromecast & Audio now available in India

After the successful launch of the second generation of Chromecast (both audio and video) in the US, the two chromecasts can now be purchased in India at a price of Rs. 3,399. Offering six months of Saavn subscription with every purchase of Chromecast, Google has pointed out that Google Play Music won’t be arriving India shores any time sooner.

Bengaluru students' Nanosatellite likely to be launched in July

The 25-odd students of PES University may become the youngest space scientists from India, this year’s July. The imaging nanosatellite manufactured by these students is scheduled to be launched along with one of Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) space programmes. The satellite has been named as PISAT and will be taking snapshots of Earth, particularly India, from space.

Indian invents Wearable Technology to help Visually Challenged Persons

A researcher student at Chitkara University, Abhinav S. Verma, has invented a wearable technology named Live Braille that will help visually challenged people to gauge an incoming object by knowing its type, shape, range, direction, and speed. Interestingly, 21-year old Abhinav is inspired by Marvel comics and Apple founder Steve Jobs. He dreams of making an Iron man suite and technological innovations for helping people achieve optimum physical capacity. Two patents under Abhinav’s belt are Live Braille and Pe Bell (bell that runs without battery or wired electricity).

ISRO to attempt Record-breaking feat of Launching 21 Satellites in One Shot

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) is going to attempt a record breaking feat during May-end by trying to put 21 satellites in one shot by using a larger Indian spacecraft (PSLV-C33 launcher). Reports say that all the satellites are small in size and are mainly foreign commercial ones. Primary passenger in this record-breaking launch will be a 700 kg Earth observing, high-resolution Cartosat-2C. Even after this personal record-breaking feat, ISRO will still have to work in breaking the current world record of 29 satellites (in one go), held by NASA.  

Amid Odd-Even Phase2, iUnir launches ride-sharing app

As the national capital is witnessing the implementation of the second phase of odd-even car rationing rule, startup iUnir has launched a new mobile application that can be used by people seeking ride-sharing options on private vehicles. Statistics reveal a whopping Rs. 1 crore+ seats remaining vacant in personal cars and bikes of people residing in Delhi. All these vehicles can be put to use during the second phase of odd-even scheme. Users simply need to log in to the application via their Facebook or LinkedIn account in order to get a shared ride with just the contacts saved in their smartphone.

Ahead of Odd-Even Phase2, Delhi Govt. launches Carpool app

With the second phase of Odd-Even Car Rationing scheme set to begin from 15 April 2016, the Delhi government has launched the ‘PoochhO Carpool’ app that would allow Delhi citizens to explore various carpooling options during the 15-day exercise. Upon downloading the app, users will be expected to register themselves to detect carpooling options available within a radius of 1-5 Km.

Lenovo IdeaPad 100S Laptop now in India

Alongside the successive launch of IdeaPad and Yoga laptops, Lenovo has come up with its budget-friendly IdeaPad 100S laptop in India. The gadget is exclusively available via Snapdeal and runs on Windows 10. Lenovo IdeaPad 100S sports an 11.6-inch HD (1366x768 pixel) TN display and is powered by a quad-core Intel Atom Z3735F processor that is coupled with Intel HD on board graphics.

BSNL eyes connecting 1 lakh Panchayats by WiFi in 2016

BSNL is engaged in testing a WiFi-based network that can be utilized for connecting about 1 lakh village panchayats in 2016 with high-speed internet. The firm has already started a pilot for testing the broadband connectivity to village panchayats using WiFi network. Additionally, BSNL is also busy testing the sustainability of technology in three different villages in the Alwar district of Rajasthan.

TRAI Chairman says Mobile Activation Cost can become Zero if Electronic Aadhaar KYC is Used

While speaking at annual growth Net summit in New Delhi, Chairman of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) R S Sharma said that new mobile connection’s activation cost can come down to zero from Rs. 150 if Aadhar is accepted as an authentication tool (for electronic KYC). He also said that the concerned recommendation has been forwarded to the DoT (Department of Telecom) and the latter has accepted them apparently. Sharma believes this will speed up the verification process too.

ISRO-NASA to jointly launch satellite for Monitoring Climate Change

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and NASA (US space agency) will jointly launch a satellite (named NISAR or NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar) for monitoring deformations on earth’s crust, seismic activities and climate change. This will ultimately help in studying earthquakes and their patterns and take measurements of ice-sheet collapse, ecosystem disturbances, and many other natural calamities including landslides, volcanoes and tsunamis. ISRO Chairman AS Kiran Kumar said that his agency will provide the S-Band and NASA will provide L-Band component along with antenna.

Tesla announces availability of its cheapest Ever Model 3 Electric Sedan in India

Elon Musk, CEO of Silicon Valley-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors, said that his company is planning to take orders in India for its most affordable car – Model 3. Reports say that Tesla Motors is going to price the vehicle at $35,000 and is likely to be available in India by 2017. In a tweet Elon Musk also said that besides India, the new model will be delivered in other countries such as Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, SK, South Africa, and Brazil.

India-US sign MoU to Build LIGO Observatory to make India Central to LIGO Project

After MoU was signed between US's National Science Foundation and India's department of atomic energy, India is all set to become the central point of the celebrated LIGO Project, which has shot to fame after practically proving Albert Einstein's century-old gravitational waves theory. The agreement was signed during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit to participate in Nuclear Security Summit. Per the MoU, state-of-the-art gravitational wave observatory will be established in India and the final decision of the site will be decided by April 10.

Samsung Gear S2 Classic series launched in India

Samsung Gear S2 Classic has now been launched in India in more than three variants viz: the white version, the 18K Gold plated version and the Platinum version. While the Samsung Gear S2 White version is available at a price of Rs. 24,300; the gold and platinum versions can be purchased by paying a sum of Rs. 34,900. All the three versions are readily available across all Samsung retail outlets.