Reach Diu by Train

In order to reach Diu by train tourists might avail the trains leaving from the railway junction located at Delwada. Delwada railway junction is very closely located to Diu.

The Delwada railway junction is 8 kilometers away from Diu. Delwada railway hub is situated between Gholgla and Una. All the important railways such as Mumbai-Ahmedabad and Delhi-Mumbai, stop at Delwada railway station. Commuting from Delwada to Diu via Veraval is quite convenient by means of train. Veraval is again directly linked to Ahmedabad , Rajkot and other metropolitan cities around Diu. Verawal is almost 90 kilometers away from Diu by train. Tourists can either avail the trains leaving from Delwada or they can commute by means of the trains leaving from Veraval.

Ahmedabad-Verawal intercity train departs from Ahmedabad at 1030 hours and arrives at Verawal at 1930 hours.

Tourists from Ahmedabad can reach Diu via the Ahmedabad -Verawal intercity train. Tourists traveling from Jabalpur should avail the Jabalpur-Verawal express to reach Verawal. The departure time is 0755 hours and arrival time is 1725 hours. It is very convenient for the tourists to commute from Verawal to Diu via the local transport. Tourists who wish to traverse the distance from Mumbai to Diu via trains should avail the local trains leaving from Mumbai to Veraval.

Last Updated on: 3rd April 2013