North Gujarat University

North Gujarat University is one of the notable universities of Gujarat. It has several departments and UGC approved academic courses for students from all faculties. For aspiring students they offer courses on science, arts, commerce, management, etc.

North Gujarat University is a very recognized University of Gujarat. This University has a number of colleges and Universities affiliated under it. The North Gujarat University started uploading and reconstructing its courses soon after its separation from the Gujarat University. And now with its own entity, the North Gujarat University offers a number of courses for the students of every discipline.

This University has designed some unique courses for higher education. Keeping the need of every discipline this University has designed its courses with a vision to meet the need of most of the aspiring students. The standard and quality of North Gujarat University courses are highly appreciable.

The courses under North Gujarat University are enlisted below.
  • Faculty of Science
    Bachelor of Science
    Master of Science

  • Faculty of Computer Science
    Bachelor of Computer Applications
    Master of Computer Applications
    Master of Science (Computer applications and Information Technology)
    Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science and Applications

  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Electronics and Communication Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering

  • Faculty of Pharmacy
    Bachelor of Pharmacy

  • Faculty of Commerce
    Bachelor of Commerce
    Master of Commerce

  • Faculty of Arts
    Bachelor of Arts
    Bachelor of Library and Information Science Master of Arts
    Master of Library and Information Science

  • Faculty of Home Science
    Bachelor of Home Science

  • Faculty of Education
    Bachelor of Education
    Master of Education

  • Faculty of Rural Studies
    Bachelor of Rural Studies
    Master of Social Worker

  • Faculty of Law
    Bachelor of Law
    Master of Law

  • Faculty of Management
    Bachelor of Business Administration
    Master of Business Administration
All the freshers, graduates or under graduates seeking admission for regular or professional courses can slip into the North Gujarat University.

Last Updated on : March 28, 2016

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