Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Culture has been assigned to carry out the functions to preserve the culture and art of India. The mission of Ministry of Culture is to preserve, disseminate and promote all forms of art and culture.

The activities of the Ministry of Culture are as follows:
  1. Promotion of literary, performing and visual arts
  2. Maintenance and conservation of heritage, ancient monuments and historic sites
  3. Promotion of institutional and individual non-official initiatives in the fields of art and culture
  4. Promotion of organizations and institutions of Tibetan and Buddhist studies
  5. Observation of anniversaries and centenaries of important national personalities and events
The practical fields of the Department of Culture ranges from generating cultural awareness from the grass root level to the international cultural exchange level. The Ministry of Culture in India is headed by Hon'ble Minister Ambika Soni. The other Officers those who work in the Ministry of Culture are:
  1. Secretary: 1
  2. Additional Secretary and Financial advisor: 1
  3. Joint Secretary: 3
  4. Director: 6
  5. Deputy Secretary: 4
  6. Under Secretary: 16
  7. Deputy Director: 2
Under the Indian Ministry of Culture there are some independent bodies such as The Asiatic Society of Kolkata, Delhi Public Library of Delhi, Indian Museum of Kolkata, Allahabad Museum of Allahabad, Kalakshetra Foundation at Chennai, Victoria Memorial Hall Kolkata and many others. There are also Zonal Cultural Centers (ZCCs) located at Patiala, Allahabad, Dimapur, Nagpur, Thanjavur, Udaipur and Kolkata.

The attached offices of the Ministry of Culture in India are:
  1. Central Secretariat Library
  2. Archaeological Survey of India
  3. National Archives of India, New Delhi
The subordinate offices under control of the Ministry of Culture, India are:
  1. National Library
  2. National Museum, New Delhi
  3. Central Reference Library
  4. National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property (NRLC)

Last Updated on 1st Oct 2012