Ministry of Labor and Employment

Ministry of Environment and Forests is responsible for planning and implementation of various environmental programs. The Ministry of Environment is currently headed by the Honorable Minister Shri Sevugan Regupathy.
The Ministry of Labor and Employment is responsible for various social and economic issues that concern Indian labor. The Ministry of Labor and Employment is at present headed by the Honorable Minister Shri Oscar Fernandes.
The Ministry of Labor and Employment of India is demarcated into a number of subsidiary government organizations for administrative purposes. The Ministry is divided into:
Main Secretariat

Office of the Chief Labor Commissioner (Central), New Delhi
Labor Bureau, Simla, Himachal Pradesh
Directorate General, Employment and Training, New Delhi
Directorate General, Factory Advice Service and Labor Institutes, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Subordinate Offices

Office of the Welfare Commissioner
Directorate General, Mines Safety, Dhanbad (Jharkhand)

Arbitration Bodies including Board of Arbitration in New Delhi

Autonomous Organizations like

Employees State Insurance Corporation in New Delhi
Central Board of Workers' Education, Nagpur
V.V. Giri National Labor Institute at Noida in Uttar Pradesh
Employees Provident Fund Organization in New Delhi

Adjudicating Bodies like the many Central Government Industrial Tribunal-cum-Labor Courts.

The Indian tries to guarantee a minimum level of social security to the labor force of the nation. It undertakes complete responsibility for both the organized and unorganized sectors. The prime areas that are emphasized by the Ministry are:
  1. Education of Workers'
  2. Labor emigration facilities for employment opportunities abroad
  3. Supervising the safety, health and welfare of labor
  4. Handling the Central Labour & Employment Services
  5. Implementation of policies for special target groups like women and child labor
  6. Statistics of labor and employment

The address of the Ministry of Labor and Employment is:

Ministry of Labor and Employment
Shram Shakti Bhavan
New Delhi

Last Updated on 1st Oct 2012