Ministry of Minority Affairs

Ministry of Minority Affairs was formed for maintaining a fair living condition for the minority groups of the country. The Ministry is an extension of the cabinet of the Government of India. Many politicians feel that the introduction of this Ministry was done to regain the faith of the minorities into the governance. Ministry of Minority Affairs handles the problems of the minorities in the country. The division is responsible for maintaining communal peace in India.

The Ministry also addresses several issues raised by the minority communities living in India. Shri Abdul Rehman Antulay is the current Minister in charge of the Ministry of Minority Affairs of India. He was the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The Ministry, as a whole, looks into every matter related with the minority section of India.

The Ministry of Minority Affairs in India plans several schemes for the welfare of the minorities of India. Some of the schemes introduced by the Ministry include Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Scheme, Coaching and Allied Scheme and others. Following are few names of the officers holding important position in the Ministry.
  • Joint Secretaries: Shri. Sujit Dutta, Shri Ameising Luikham, Shri Pradeep Sen
  • Financial Advisor: Shri. Rajesh Verma
  • Director: Shri. Ashish Joshi
The Prime Minister of India has launched several programs for the welfare of the minorities in the country. The Ministry has taken initiatives for enhancing educational and employment opportunities for the minorities. It has also created several Central and State Government jobs for the minority section of the society. The New 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of the Minorities, under the guidance of the Prime Minister, also strives to attain maximum benefits for the minority communities of India.

Last Updated on 1st Oct 2012