Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation

The Government of Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation is an extremely essential wing of the national governance in a democracy, as extended and populous as India. Sri Oscar Fernandes heads the operations of this ministry in his capacity as the minister of State. The works of this ministry can be divided into two clear categories: the Statistics Wing and the Program Implementation Wing.

The Statistics Wing of the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation Government of India is committed towards creating a data-base. This will readily provide statistics on all important aspects of national life to scholars, industrialists and government officials. The statistics supplied by the ministry are considered to be reliable and are in strict adherence to the international standards of statistical representation.
The Statistics Wing comprises two parts:
  • The National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO)
  • The Central Statistical Organization (CSO)
The statistics published by the above mentioned government organizations can be broadly divided into the following heads:
  • The Social and Environmental Statistic Division: This division looks after the development of Social Development Indices, Gender Statistics, Environment Statistics, Poverty, Education and Disability Statistics.
  • The National Accounts Division: This division provides information on aspects like the national accounts base, the input-output transactions and the State income estimates.
  • Industrial Statistics Division: The works of this division include conducting the 5th Economic Census and the Revision of the Index of Industrial Production in a given base year.

The Project Implementation Wing of the Ministry of Statistics and Project Implementation of India oversees the implementation of various important government projects. This wing operates through four divisions, which are:
  • Project Monitoring Division
  • Twenty Point Program Division
  • Infrastructure Monitoring Division
  • Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS)

This division oversees the proper implementation of the Twenty Point Program (TPP) as undertaken by the government of India. It also supervises the performance of 11 major infrastructural sectors of the government. The development of any Central Sector project that exceeds 20 crores also comes under the direct supervision of this wing of the ministry.

Government of India - Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation also employs researchers and government officials to assist and advice the ministry in carrying out its functions and goals

Last Updated on 1st Oct 2012