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Hyderabad Film City

About Hyderabad Film City

Ramoji Film City is the famous Hyderabad Film City. It is a dreamland where fun and magic happens for real. Glamour and glitz is its mantra and it is the wonderland of movies and unlimited entertainment. On visiting this one of the finest tourist attractions in Hyderabad, you will completely be engrossed in the amalgamation of visual treats and moments of excitement and enjoyment.

It is the perfect venue for shopping, food, movie watching and many more. From lawns, fountains, airport terminal, police outpost, railway station, temples, mosques, churches, chateaus and gateways to rural and urban settings, this Hyderabad film city has everything to mesmerize you.

With so many things on offer, today, it has become an ideal holiday destination for the tourists as well as for the film makers of local, national and international repute. And, a credit for creating this wonderland should be given to the people who work behind the scene day and night to ensure optimum fun for its visitors. Some of these people are:
  • Mr. Ramoji Rao, Chairman of Ramoji Group

  • Mr. A. Ramamohana Rao, Managing Director at Ramoji Film City

  • Ms. Vijayeswari, Managing Director at Dolphin Group of Hotels

  • Mr. Sudhakar Babu, Vice President at Dolphin Hotels
Gardens and Fountains at Hyderabad Film City

The film city is brilliantly designed with several gardens that flaunt exotic flower collections. The colors of the floras are so vibrant and refreshing that while you walk past the verdant green trails of the gardens, you feel like spending whole day here. To enhance the beauty of these gardens, breathtaking fountains have also been built to offer a visual treat to your eyes.

You must visit its Shangri-La nursery to adore the rejuvenating views of flowers, plants and shrubs.

Fun and Play Areas of Hyderabad Film City

The main attraction of the Ramoji Film City is its fun and play areas suitable for every age group. Some of these areas are:
  • Fundustan

  • Wonderville the Toyland

  • Presto Magic the Toyshop

  • Faunadale the Animal Kingdom

  • Dadajinn's Ark the Video Games Parlour

  • Faunadale the Animal Kingdom

  • Timberland the Play Zone

  • Thrillville the Adventure Land

  • Enthraller the Dome Amphitheater

  • Deli Express the Train Restaurant

  • Ballerina Fount the Dancing Fountain

  • Corolla the Valley of Flowers

  • Borasura the walkthrough
Hyderabad Film City's Entertainment Programs

This film city is full of fun and magic. It is never short of an entertainment dose. The interplay of landscaped venues and exhilarating shows running one after another in great order offers most enjoyable moments to the tourists. In the blink of an eye, you will be transported from a rural Indian scene to a completely American panorama. Transition would be so smooth and subtle that you would never feel any kind of discord in the visual presentation of what is happening before your eyes.

Some of the entertainment shows in Ramoji Film City that are quite popular with the tourists are:
  • Wild West Stunt Show

  • Hoedown Show

  • Ani Kids Show

  • Mock Shooting

  • Caterpillar Show

  • Puppet Show

  • Fountain Dance

  • Spirit Show
Food Courts at Hyderabad Film City

To help you break the monotony of constant action and also to enable you to restore that lost energy so that more action time can be enjoyed ahead, this film city offers you extensive culinary choices to indulge in at its different food courts and theme-based restaurants. Some of them are:
  • Alampana serves tasty Mughalai cuisine

  • Chanakya specializes in Indian thali

  • Planet Food - The CafĂ© offers assortment of snacks, fast food and beverage

  • Gunsmoke provides mouthwatering fast-food

  • Ganga Jamuna caters vegetarian South Indian thali
Events at Hyderabad Film City

In Ramoji Film City, different types of festivals and festivities are organized to keep the fun and entertainment quotient ever high. Some of the most talked about events of this film city are:
  • Shub Sankranti (Sankranthi festival)

  • Fun under the Sun (summer holiday package for the tourists)

  • Chamakte Sitare (summer training camp)

  • Fundoofest (event for schools)

  • Monsoon Carnival (monsoon holiday package for the tourists)

  • Christmas Carnival

  • Diwali Carnival

  • New Year Celebrations

Last Updated on : 19/08/2013