The World of Darjeeling Tea and Tea Gardens


Darjeeling is synonymous with tea. Predominantly, it was a tea town before it became a tourist destination. Like most Hill Stations it was popularized by the British. They found Darjeeling the right place to set up a sanatorium and a military depot during the mid 19th century. Tea was introduced and extensive cultivation was done throughout the surrounding hills. They developed a new way of fermenting and it came to be known as Darjeeling tea which is considered among the finest black teas. Sadly, the finest tea is exported abroad to many tea drinking nations. The Darjeeling tea that is available in the Indian market is nothing more than the poorest powdery form of over processed tea that leaves little taste or smell but strong colour.

2 Responses to “The World of Darjeeling Tea and Tea Gardens”

  1. Niranjan Naulakha says:

    I do not fully agree with you when you said that the best teas from Darjeeling are exported abroad and only the cheap and low ones are available for the domestic market.
    India does have a market for high end Darjeeling teas and they are very much available for domestic consumption.

    • moitours says:

      Hi Niranjan,
      I appreciate your inputs.
      Indeed you do get them at specific tea shops. But I speak as a layman. I was talking about tea you get in your grocery shops. A lot more are distributed abroad as compared with here.

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