Tir: A Game of Dreams and Luck


“Tir” also known as archery gambling is the most popular word in Shillong. Almost every next shop is a Tir counter. It is typically like a small paan shop with a license number and some numbers written on a black board with chalks, hanging upfront. The interior is big enough only to accommodate a table and a chair. On the table there are some paper and a pen. You have arrived at a Tir counter.

In the second round all the 50 archers from 5 clubs shot 20 arrows each within 3 minutes. The officials involved counted the arrows in front of everyone and declare the number there itself. The result is soon spread through phones by agents within the first 5 minutes. In the second round out of 1000 arrows 430 hit the target. In this case the lucky number declared was 30. 

As I walked out of the Tir station all the Tir shops have already changed the number according to the draw. I was looking at 29 and 30 on the board. This betting system is way more organized and bigger than I had ever imagined. All the Tir counters in Shillong would have flaunted those digits at that instant. 

Tir is legal in Shillong. It is one of the most organized gambling systems in India. But you need a dream and a bit of luck to play this game!

114 Responses to “Tir: A Game of Dreams and Luck”

  1. samrat debbarma says:

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  2. Jawhar lal debbarma says:

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  4. Prakash Das says:

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  5. James debbarma says:

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  8. Hiliyan says:

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  9. tuman says:

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  10. Pritiraj Debbarma says:

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  11. Mithun chowdhury says:

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  12. achin says:

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  13. achin says:

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  14. Animesh Roy says:

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  15. santa debbarma says:

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  16. Bikash Deb says:

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  17. suman kanti saha says:

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  18. suman kanti saha says:

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  19. mona says:

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  20. Daha ram reang says:

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  21. Daharam reang East-duluma Amarpur Gomti tripura says:

    06th nov 13 lucky number 39,49,57,93,00,55,04.

  22. Pradip Tripura says:

    Tir a game I’m interested.

  23. manash says:

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  25. dimpi roy says:

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  29. prince titu says:

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  30. liton debbarma says:

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  31. Indra Jmt says:

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  32. Daharam reang East-duluma Amarpur Gomti tripura says:

    to day lucky no-3house

  33. shuhel says:

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  34. Bk debbarma says:

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  35. kishore debbarma says:

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  45. ramen deb barma says:

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  47. john allice says:

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  48. mitan sd says:

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  50. rajiv tiwari says:

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  52. Ranesh says:

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  53. Joy Debbarma says:

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  64. Rahul gurung says:

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  81. Deepak says:

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  87. amal jamatia says:

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  88. Dona says:

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  89. raj das says:

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