10 Things to do and see in Shimla


Shimla was coined by the British as ‘the queen of hills’. From the time of the British Raj to these days, it continues to remain one of the favorite Hill stations in India. The charms of Shimla still work wonders. Shimla is easily accessible from Delhi and other major cities. In summer, mass migration away from the scorching heat of plains inundates the town. During Monsoon the crowd is bearable. I found Monsoon in Shimla charming and melancholic at the same time. I would love to visit Shimla during winter when the town is covered with white sheet of snow. I know I’ll fall in love with Shimla all over again.

7. Visit the grandeur Viceroy’s Lodge (Indian Institute of Advanced Studies) and the Botanical garden.

8. Walk in the rain (With or without umbrella).

9. Try out refreshing HPMC juices at the Ridge.

10. Take a train ride to Kalka or watch the train arriving at Shimla station, precariously hanging on a slope.




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  1. joshy k francis says:

    planning my vacation trip to shimla in april.

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