City Union Bank

Initially knows as the Kumbhakonam Bank Limited, the City Union Bank Limited came into being on October 31, 1904 as a result of efforts put by twenty prominent citizens of Kumbhakonam. Earlier just confined to the city of Kumbhakonam, the bank made immense progress.

In late fiftees and early sixtees Kumbhakonam Bank Limited acquired three more banks viz the Commonwealth Bank Limited, The City Forward Bank Limited and the Union Bank Limited.

The Kumbhakonam Bank Limited was renamed to the City Union Bank Ltd. Following its widespread network across various cities of India. The first branch of the bank was opened in 1930 and since then it has come a long way in customer satisfaction and service delivery. All the branched of the bank are computerized and the City Union Bank Ltd. Is considered amongst the top banks in India.

Recently the City Union Bank Ltd has tied up with other banks and leading organizations in order to provide better services to its customers. The bank has introduced into an agreement with Tata Consultancy Services Limited for introducing Core Banking Solution. It has a large number of ATMs in order to cater to the financial needs of its customers. As on 12.09.08 the City Union Bank Ltd has 189 branches spread across India.

Products and Services of City Union Bank Ltd

  • Savings Bank
  • Current Account
  • CUB Classic Current Account
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Cash Certificate
  • Monthly Savings
  • Sri Chakra Deposit
  • VIP Deposit
  • Flexifix Deposit
  • CUB Smart Deposit
  • Tax Saver Silver Deposit Account
  • Tax Saver Gold Deposit Account
  • Resident Foreign Currency-Domestic

Last Updated on : 02 August 2011



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