Lok Sabha Constituencies of Jharkhand

Lok Sabha constituencies, Jharkhand elect representatives to the Indian parliament. The Lok Sabha elections are closely fought by all the major national and state level parties of Jharkhand. Lok Sabha Constituencies of Jharkhand are distributed and ascertained on the basis of the demographic distribution of the state over the 13 districts of the state. The Lok Sabha constituencies in Jharkhand are divided into reserved and unreserved categories. The reserved Lok Sabha constituencies, Jharkhand are further sub-divided into SC and ST constituencies. The elections of the Lok Sabha constituencies at Jharkhand are keenly watched and followed by everyone who is interested in the happenings of Indian politics.

List of Lok Sabha Constituencies, Jharkhand

A list of the Lok Sabha Constituencies, Jharkhand along with their respective categories are provided below:

Name of the Lok Sabha Constituency Category
Dhanbad General
Giridih General
Kodarma General
Chatra General
Godda General
Dumka ST
Rajmahal ST
Hazaribagh General
Palamau SC
Lohardaga ST
Khunti ST
Singhbhum ST
Jamshedpur General
Ranchi General
Last Updated on : 1 July 2013