Malayala Manorama

The Malayala Manorama Group is one of the biggest publishing houses in Kottayam. The Malayala Manorama was founded on March 14th 1888 by Kandathil Varghese Mappillai. The first copy of the weekly newspaper was issued on March 22, 1890.
The passing years saw Malayala Manorama emerge as a leading Kottayam publishing house. The Kerala based print company publishes books on culture, history, society, religion, and politics. Malayala Manorama is also known for its yearbook publication. The yearbook publications deal with current affairs. The Malayala Manorama Yearbook is a favorite of candidates preparing for various competitive exams.

Malayala Manorama Publications

The Malayala Manorama print group makes up one of India's largest regional publishing houses. The printing company publishes a number of magazines that have high circulation in South India. The Malayala Manorama newspaper is the flagship brand of the Manorama group. The list of publications offered by the company includes:
  • Karshakashree
  • Vanitha
  • The WEEK
  • Manorama Weekly
  • Kalikkudukka
  • Vanitha Hindi
  • Bashaposhini
  • Vijayaveedhi
  • Manorama Annual
  • Amarchitrakatha
  • Magic Pot
  • Malayala Manorama Newspaper
  • Balarama
  • Balarama Digest
  • Thozhilveedhi
  • Hindi Year Book
  • Knowledge Adventure CDROM
  • English Year Book
  • Tamil Year Book
  • Malayalam Year Book
  • Bengali Year Book
Malayala Manorama has stepped into the realm of cyberspace with the launch of Manorama Online on June 20, 2002. The online publication provides for a quicker broadcast of news. Manorama Online also provides an outlet for the publication of regional news on a global platform.

Last Updated on 09/05/2013