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Location Locator
    What is Location Locator

Location locator is an interactive mapping interface wherein the site-visitors can find particular locations of your offices like ATMs, showrooms, branches, dealers, service stations etc across Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc.

It can also help visitors to find automobile service stations, dealers, petrol pumps and even auto part sellers on the maps. The site visitors can simply search through the maps by mouse-clicks, and find the desired locations on the maps.

We offer customized plotting of various locations of your offices, like dealers, service stations, ATMs, showrooms, branches, etc on our maps. We can quickly and easily customize the maps on location locators for sectors automobile, banking, travel, tourism, transport, logistics, and petroleum.

The addresses and other contact information can be provided on the map through roll-over text box, tables etc. Clicking a location on the map will help the typical web user find his way to your location.

Where can Location Locator be used?
Location Locator Solution can be used by organizations having multiple dealers, branches, service stations, showrooms, ATMs etc across India to help customers find their way.Firms operating in multiple locations in India, in sectors like Banking, Automobile, Petroleum, Travel, logistics, FMCG, IT, Insurance, Retailing, Postal Services, etc can use this customized mapping solution for improved customer relationship.

What are the Benefits of Map-based Location Locator Solution?

  • Multi-location organizations can provide information on maps to help their customers find dealers, service stations, ATMs, showrooms, branches, etc across India and the world.

  • Location Locator, maps the geographical spread of the organization across India and the world.

  • The maps provided by location locator is always more influential, impressive and informative in comparison to the generally available textual addresses.

  • Customers are easily guided through dealers, branches, service stations, showrooms, ATMs etc across different Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore by the detailed maps provided by location locator.

  • Maps can be easily interpreted by customers and help them to find different locations nearest to their own location.

  • Customer Care Executives can use the maps provided by location locator to help their customers find way to different dealers, branches, service stations, showrooms, ATMs etc of the organization.

  • Location locator will also help reducing the frequency of calls for the Customer Care Executives regarding queries pertaining to ATMs, showrooms, branches, dealers, service stations etc, thus lowering costs.

  • Location locator will maximize customer retention and website return visits by providing useful high quality location information.

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ICICI Pru Life Branches

      Why should you choose Location Locator?
  • Location locator is a mapping service provided by which is the world's largest India centric information provider website.

  • With an extensive database of state, city, district, and zonal maps of India, can develop Location Locator solution for you quickly and efficiently.

  • Facilitated by world-class team, developing technology driven services, we can provide our clients with economical yet high quality customized mapping solutions.

  • with its vast database of Indian maps can provide you with unique and customized Location Locator solutions that can help you effectively service your customers.

  • is the biggest online brand in the Customized Mapping segment, thus improving the online brand presence of its clients.

  • Over 5,000 websites provide link to

  • With over 30,000 unique sessions per day on MapsofIndia, The possibility of prospective clients picking up your website through is tremendous.

  • The visibility of the link of the Location Locator Solution by is greatly enhanced.

Companies that can benefit
  • Automobile manufactures like GM,Ford,Hyundai,Bajaj,Hero Honda,Honda,Fiat etc. may benefit by highlighting their dealers, branches, service stations, showrooms etc.

  • Banks like Standard Chartered, UTI, ICICI etc who can use location locator to help customers find ATMs etc.

  • Other sectors like petroleum, travel, logistics, hospitality etc.

Banking sector Automobile sector Automobile sector Petroleum sector

In this project location locator solution was used to plot the bank's ATMs and branches across Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hydreabad, Bangalore, Kolkata etc. Taking the cursor over the desired location user can see the ATM/Branch address information.
  Maruti Udyog
The locator shows all the Maruti authorised service centres, dealers, true value outlets, and dealer show rooms that are located in all the states, cities and major highways of India.

  Tata Motors

Location locator has plotted all the Dealers, Service Stations, Service Points of Tata Motors on the different city and state as well as zonal maps of India.

Note:Please click on the map to get a detailed view of Location Locator application
  HPCL In this project, the location locator shows all HP Filling Stations/Petrol pumps on the National Highways and cities across India.

Note:Please click on the map to get a detailed view of Location Locator
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