Mangalore Telephone Directory

Mangalore telephone directory consists of a number of very significant contact numbers of Mangalore, which form an important part of the basic information about the city. The most important numbers that are included in the telephone directory of Mangalore are the emergency numbers.

If one faces any kind of trouble in this city of Mangalore, then he or she can contact the police by dialing 100. In case a person needs assistance from the fire brigade, then the number 101 will come in handy. If there are some serious health problems during a stay in the city of Mangalore, then one can dial 102. This number pertains to the ambulance service of government hospital in the city. Some other important telephone numbers of Mangalore are as follows:

  • Civic Services: 105
  • Jet Airways of Mangalore: 440694
  • Supply of Water: 443183
  • Airport of Bajpe: 752433
  • Enquiry Related to Telephone: 197
  • Kuwait Airways: 440815
  • Emergencies Associated with LPG: 421596
  • Gulf Travels: 440596
  • Tourist Assistance Center:425750
  • Indian Airlines of Mangalore: 455259, 455307 and 455300
  • Electricity: 425599
  • Enquiry Related to Railway Station: 424002
  • Jet Airways of Bajpe: 752710
  • Member of Parliament of Loksabha: 428764
  • Indian Airlines of Bajpe: 752988
  • Member of Parliament of Rajya Sabha: 457960
  • Mayor of Mangalore City Corporation: 426457
  • Enquiry about K.S.R.T.C. Bus: 211243
  • President of Zilla Parishat: 426105
  • Mangalore University Registrar: 742824 or 742276
  • Vice Chancellor of Mangalore University: 742347

Last Updated on 21 September 2011