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The state of Meghalaya in spite of its petite dimensions still manages to gather a lot of attention from the tourists owing to its numerous sightseeing locales. Meghalaya sightseeing spots are well diffused throughout the entire length of the state. Although the state of Meghalaya is bestowed with all sorts of attractions yet they are seldom noticed owing to its geographical position.

Starting from luscious woodlands to placid lakes, from stupendous waterfalls to yawning caves, the domain of Meghalaya has it all. If you desire to spend some quality moments in the midst of delectable venues and get lost in reverie, Meghalaya tourist spots would certainly not disappoint you. In fact, the locale that is blessed with the maximum amount of rainfall in the entire planet, Cherapunjee, is carefully cradled in the heart of Meghalaya. Most people are unaware of the fact that the tourist attractions at Meghalaya houses 300 taxonomic groups of orchids which is a huge feat in itself. Dense woodlands like the Mawphlang Sacred Forest are known to dearly support exotic flora and diverse fauna.

Among the chief sightseeing spots in Meghalaya, the following are the most significant:-

Shillong Cathedral : Being built by the robust British, this spectacular church could house thousands of devotees at a time.

Sohpetbneng Peak : This is the ultimate spot for relaxation as it is silhouetted against the background of dense woodlands.

Caves : The state of Meghalaya houses as many as 1000 gorgeous caves each bestowed with a specialty. The most recognized are Krem Kotsati, Krem Unshangktat, Mawsmai Cave and many more.

Thadlaskein Lake

Tourism has been the lifeline of the economic structure of Meghalaya. Meghalaya boasts of some exquisite natural beauties soothing to the eye. Thadlaskein Lake in Meghalaya adds flavor to this beauty and provide tremendous value for money to the tourists of Meghalaya.

But the only difference between Thadlaskein Lake and other tourist spots in Meghalaya is that it is artificially created and not straight from the hands of God. One happens to reach Thadlaskein Lake on the way to Shillong from Jowai through the paddy fields, grasslands and the deciduous forests of oak and pine. The lake, however, is accessible from these two most popular places of Meghalaya - Shillong and Jowai. Thadlaskein is 56 km away from Shillong and only 8 km from the latter. It is cosily situated off the National Highway 44.

As for the origin of Meghalaya Thadlaskein Lake, it is believed by the local residents that the followers of Jaintia Chieftain U Sajar Nangli (former war leaders of Jaintia) had dug it with their bow tips. Presently, it is situated amidst the rare orchids, meadows and the river Myntdu. The flora and fauna surrounding the lake has an irresistible attraction. Thousands of tourists flock to Thadlaskein Lake of Meghalaya for its serene and refreshing atmosphere. While the vivacious landscape and climate of the state challenges the adventure-maniacs, the tranquility of Thadlaskein Lake at Meghalaya definitely plays its part to meet the demand of the tourists who look for calmness and silence.

Thadlaskein lake hypnotizes the tourists round the year, but the lake can be captured in its full glory from September to May.


Smit, the cultural center of the Khasi Hills, is situated 11 km away from the capital city of Meghalaya, Shillong on the Shillong Jowai Road. The nearest airport and railway station is Guwahati, 104 km away. It is also connected by metaled road and Meghalaya Road Transport provides regular services inter-connecting Smit and Shillong.

Smit of Meghalaya is a pollution-free and pleasant village in the outskirts of the capital city. The natural beauty of the place is a treat to the eye. It grows wide varieties of vegetation, consequently sharing to the economy of the state. The farmers of Smit usually practice Jhum cultivation. It also grows considerable amount of spices which are mainly exported to other states. As for the cottage industries in Smit go, sericulture weaving and animal husbandry is widely practiced by the villagers. Smit at Meghalaya is also a site for mining. Kaolinised rocks are found in isolated purchase which stretches over an area of 0.15 km and its average thickness is 2.7.This kaolin adds to the resources of the state as it is suitable for the manufacture of white-wares.

Meghalaya Smit has acclaimed wide recognition for the celebration of Ka Pomblang Nongkrem. Celebrated during autumn, it commemorates the evolution of Khasi democratic states (HIMA), presently functioning under the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution. Previously it was acceded to the Indian Union by signing the Instrument of Accession. Held in November, it is a five-day long thanksgiving ceremony to Goddess Ka Blei Synshar for a rich harvest. Pomblang Ceremony is the most important ritual of the event, where people offer goats to the 'Syiem' of Khyrem, the administrative head of the Hima (Khasi Hills).


Nartiang, located in the Jaintia Hills, is about 65 kms from Shillong and 24 kms from Jowai. Nartiang of Meghalaya is famous for the collection of bizarre, druid stones. From the geographical point of view, Nartiang is famous for possessing clusters of monoliths that are among the tallest throughout the world. The monoliths range from 8 meters to 5 meters in height with a thickness of 0.46 meters and a breadth of 2 meters.

Legends and folk-tales reveal that the local residents believe these monoliths of Nartiang at Meghalaya to be the walking stick of Mar Phalyngki, who is addressed as 'the Goliath' of Jaintia. The monolith rocks stands for megalithic culture representing the Hynniewtrep people.

Meghalaya Nartiang has historical significance too. It is believed to be the old capital of the Jaintia kings. A 500 years old Durga temple in Nartiang is also among the proudly possessions of the place . It is situated close to the summer residence of the Jaintia Kings on the hill tops. It is believed that the temple was built way back in the 16th century by a Jaintia king who got himself transformed to Hinduism. In its construction, the temple resembles a typical Jaintia house style, with a central pillar. In fact, Durga puja is still celebrated in Nartiang following each and every Bengali rituals. There is also a Shiv Temple in Nartiang around the market place. So the tourists, especially, the Bengalis have many things to look for at Nartiang in Meghalaya.

Spread Eagle Falls

Meghalaya is replete with diverse flora and fauna and it is well balanced with the waterfalls of the state. In fact, Meghalaya abounds in two 'falls' fresh from the hands of God- the rainfall and the waterfall. While the former has some devastating effects, the latter only provides unalloyed joy to the hearts of the tourists. The Spread Eagle Falls of Meghalaya is one such example of such a source of joy. Spread Eagle Falls, as the name suggests, has its structure similar to an eagle with wide spread wings.

The location of Meghalaya Spread Eagle Falls is in the outskirts of the capital city of Shillong. So it is very easy to get access to the waterfall. It is exactly located about a mile away from the Polo Ground. Spread Eagle Falls at Meghalaya, bubbling down the rocky cliffs, provide great visual sensations to the viewers visiting the place every year. Going with the name, Spread Eagle Falls in Meghalaya has got great height and is sprightly in nature. But this sprightliness is turned into arrogance in the months of rain. The rainfall ranging from 6000-10000 mm annually, the volume of water of the fall increases manifold and then the water gets splashed on the rocks, producing daring and venturous sounds.

The beauty of this Spread Eagle Falls of Meghalaya draws a hefty crowd every year. It is a very popular site of Meghalaya tourism. So if you are in Meghalaya, do include this waterfall in your sightseeing list.

Crinoline Falls

The Crinoline Falls of Meghalaya is situated in the middle of the beautiful city. Near to this fall is the Lady Hydari Park which is a small animal park. The Crinoline Falls with its picturesque beauty attracts visitors across the world. The gargling sound of the falling water could be heard from a couple of meters away from the falls.

The north eastern state of Meghalaya is famous for its picturesque beauty and serenity. There was a time when this state used to be neglected and was nowhere in the tourism list of India. But eventually things have changed a lot. Meghalaya with the growing interest of the state government has developed a lot as an aspiring tourist spot to spend some memorable time along with family and friends.

The top of the falls is mostly covered with green bushes that the falling point is hardly visible to the spectators. At the bottom of this falls, there is a large swimming pool which seduces the swimmers to take a dip into the cold water of the Crinoline Falls in Meghalaya.

The restaurant close to the lake gives an extra mileage to the Crinoline Falls at Meghalaya. Considering the different food habits of the people of different regions, this restaurant has opened its cuisine with a variety of regional, Indian and continental items. The tourism department of Meghalaya regularly holds some occasions and other festivals at the bank of the swimming pool which is an added attraction of this place.

Sweet Falls

While visiting the hilly state of Meghalaya, one should check out the waterfalls of the place. The exotic beauty of the waterfalls will keep you struck with awe. The gargling sound of the water, the chirping of birds, blooming of flowers and green vegetation adds that exorbitant beauty to the surrounding. Among the waterfalls of Meghalaya, the Sweet Falls is one of the most beautiful one.

Meghalaya is a popular hill station for those who loves to explore the majestic beauty of nature. Meghalaya treasures numerous attractions of nature within its fold. This north eastern state boasts of a variety of minerals, natural beauties and places of tourist attraction. Meghalaya is a perfect place to spend an ideal holiday.

The Sweet Falls in Meghalaya provides an abundant beauty of nature. The Sweet Falls at Meghalaya is adjacent to the Happy Valley which is a picnic spot for the local people and tourists as well. People come here from different places along with their family to enjoy some precious time on the lap of the nature.

The water of the Sweet Falls cascades down from a great height which is hardly visible from the foot of this falls. The beauty of the Sweet Falls is beyond any word of description. A visit to the Sweet Falls of Meghalaya will surely make your trip most satisfactory and worthwhile.

Noh Kalikai Falls

Noh Kalikai Falls is situated along with several other waterfalls in Meghalaya. Noh Kalikai Falls in Meghalaya is situated with Nohsngithiang Falls and Kynrem Falls. Although, the actual height of Meghalaya Noh Kalikai Falls is not known; yet, it is assumed that Noh Kalikai Falls of Meghalaya is taller than Nohsngithiang Falls. Therefore, it can be said that the Noh Kalikai Falls is higher than 1035 feet: recent statistics prove that the height Noh Kalikai Falls at Meghalaya ranges between 1500 to 2000 feet. The Noh Kalikai Falls is a single drop fall, containing a plunge pool.

Further, there is a long legend related to the waterfall. As the legend goes, there was a woman named Ka Likai. She was survived by a daughter, after the death of her first husband. Subsequently, she remarries. But her new husband was jealous of her daughter. Ka Likai loved her daughter dearly; but, husband could not tolerate her love for her daughter. So, one day, when Ka Likai was out for some work, he killed the daughter and cooked her flesh.

When Ka Likai came back, the husband said her husband served her the new dish that he had prepared for her. In mean time, she started looking for her daughter. But, when she could not find her, she inquired her husband about their daughter. He, obviously, had no answer. On searching for her daughter, she found her fingers in the betel-nut basket. Realizing that she had eaten the flesh of her own daughter, she threw herself from this cliff. Thus, the cliff got its name Noh Kalikai Falls, meaning 'fall of Ka Likai'.

Mawsmai Falls

Mawsmai Falls is counted amongst one of the highest waterfalls in the world. It falls from a height of around 1035 feet. The scenic surrounding, which includes the vegetation and fauna around, makes it also one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the north eastern region. Mawsmai Falls in Meghalaya is also known as Nohsngithiang Falls. Mawsmai Falls of Meghalaya is situated 2 kilometers away from the monument of David Scott at Sohra (Cherrapunjee) in the Mawsmai village. The view of the grandeur waterfall from the Observation Tower standing at the corner of Mawsmai ridge is mesmerizing.

Go near the large fall and you would be thrilled by the speed of the water. Mawsmai Falls at Meghalaya along with the peak of the hills in the surrounding is a perfect place for retreat from the crowded city life. The hill tops dressed with fog and the greenery in the surrounding convert it into a picturesque locale. The whole scenery is a delight to one's eye.

The crystal clear water of Mawsmai Falls in Meghalaya when refracted by sunlight produces lights of different colors. The best time to visit Meghalaya Mawsmai Falls is during monsoons when the river is filled up with abundant water which adds force to the waterfall. Mawsmai Falls is accessible by roads. You can take up a bus or private car from Shillong to reach this place. The nearest airport and railway station is that of Guwahati. You have to take a bus to Shillong from there.

Dain Thlen Falls

Dain Thlen Falls of Meghalaya is one of the finest and beautiful waterfalls in Meghalaya. It is counted amongst the soft waterfalls as the water does not make a roaring noise and does not appear to be falling from a great height. Dain Thlen Falls is located near Cherrapunjee which is 56 kilometers away from Shillong. The waterfall is approachable through roadways. The nearest airport and railway station is at Guwahati from where you can take a bus to Shillong. From Shillong you can hire a cab or take bus to Cherrapunjee.

Dain Thlen Falls in Meghalaya has a great history attached to it. It is supposed that a large demon named Theln was convicted from a large deep crack and swept till a rock beside the waterfall and killed here. It is to mark that incident that the waterfall is named so. Theln in Khasi language means Python. You can see the deep scars left on those rocks where the evil spirit was slained.

The slow and swift movement of Meghalaya Dain Thlen Falls is an eye catcher across the whole region. The waterfall attracts lots of couple who visit there to spend some quality time in its serene environment.

Thum Falls

Thum Falls at Meghalaya is one of the most attractive tourist destination in the north eastern state. Thum Falls are one of the finest waterfalls in the north eastern region. The waterfall is surrounded by the natural vegetation that makes it an excellent place to visit.

Thum Falls of Meghalaya are located at the West Khasi Hills in the vicinity of Dilingim village on the river Kynshi. The river falls from a height of 60 meters. The view of the Kynshi river water falling from the grand height is a mesmerizing one. As you see the magnitude of the falling water, a current runs across your body.

At the bottom of the Thum Falls in Meghalaya is a pool where the water from the fall gets collected. The pool is surrounded by heavy rocks from three sides. The whole place has a serene environment with cool breeze blowing across it and the green woods to rest in.

The Thum Falls Meghalaya are visited by people of all ages. Moreover, a person who has visited the waterfall earlier cannot resist himself from re-visiting the beautiful place. The water of the waterfall is very clean and clear and you can take a dip to refresh yourself from the tiring journey. Thum Falls can be visited during any time of the year but the best time would be the rainy season when there is abundant water in the river, for the waterfall would have more force and will fall with roaring sound.

Weinia Falls

Weinia Falls is another finest waterfall in the state of Meghalaya. Like Thum Falls, this too lies on river Kynshi in the West Khasi Hills. Weinia Falls of Meghalaya is situated very close to the Thum Falls. The waterfall along with its tranquil surroundings serves as the finest locale for an outing or picnic. Even if you wish to explore the nature of Meghalaya, Weinia Falls would be the best choice. The waterfall offers a scintillating view of the water coming down with a heavy force that are a feast for the eyes.

The best feature of Weinia Falls at Meghalaya is that when the sunlight interacts with the splashing water or with the foam that has got deposited in the pool below, it forms rainbows that would mesmerize your eyes. Weinia Falls in Meghalaya falls into a pool of water which is surrounded by hard rocks of different colors and structures and some wild flora that honor the beauty of the waterfall. At the side of the waterfalls, some steps have been created by the organizations who are responsible for maintaining the Weinia Falls.

A wooden bridge is constructed on the Weinia Fall Meghalaya so as to facilitate entrance into the Nongkhnum Island. You can visit the Weinia Falls during any time of the year but the best season when you can see the waterfall at boom is the monsoons. It is so because the rivers at Meghalaya are seasonal, so during monsoons when the state receives heavy rainfall, the rivers too have large water and hence the charm of the waterfall is far beyond description. So go and explore the beauty of Weinia Falls of Meghalaya.

Langshiang Falls

Langshiang Falls is one of the fantastic waterfalls in the north eastern region. The waterfall that is surrounded by nature's panorama hosts a perfect holidaying spot. The magnificent waterfall is delight to every eye. Langshiang Falls at Meghalaya lies on the river Kynshi near Sangriang village. The best view of the Langshiang Falls can be witnessed from Mawpon village. The water that falls from a height of 335 to 340 meters forms a great breathtaking scene. The whole ambiance of Langshiang Falls is intoxicating. Once you are there you cannot leave the place easily.

Langshiang Falls of Meghalaya is formed from a single stream of water that has deviated from the Kynshi river. The best view of the Langshiang Falls in Meghalaya can be seen during the monsoons when the river has abundant water because the flow is more forceful and hence more thrilling. Another reason of Langshiang Falls Meghalaya being one of the coveted tourist spot in the north eastern state is its nearness to the largest island in Asia - Nongkhnum Island. The waterfall is just 10 kilometers away from the magnanimous island. You can also visit Nongstoin which is just 14 kilometers away from Langshiang Falls.

Langshiang Falls in Meghalaya is a traveler's paradise for one cannot get such a peaceful place to relax from the tiredness of the travel and the daily hustle and bustle of city life. What more, you also get a chance to explore the nature and the lifestyle of the local tribes of Meghalaya who reside nearby.

Rongbang Falls

Rongbang Falls of Meghalaya is one of the very favorite destination for holiday among the tourists. Also known as Rongbang Dare, it is situated on Tura Williamnagar road near Rombagre village in the East Garo Hills district. The waterfall offers a picturesque locale which is matchless. Rongbang Falls at Meghalaya is easily accessible through any local transport from Tura which is just 25 miles away. The waterfall which falls from a stream of Simsang river is a delight to every eye. You can watch the magnanimous glory of Rongbang Falls from the roadside as its width is too large but the main fun is when you go down to the bottom of the waterfall.

You would get thrilled while watching the water rolling down the rocky hill. Rongbang Falls appears to be the finest during the rainy season when there is more pressure in water due to abundant rains. The whole environment near the Rongbang Falls is filled with the large roars of the water tumbling from the great height. The Rongbang Falls in Meghalaya is a delight for every couple. The serene nature and its distance from the noisy cities and towns make it a perfect destination for couples especially the honeymooners to spend some quality time. The bikers who drive across the highway from Asanangre to Willaimnagar get to feast over the magnanimous beauty.

Rongbang Falls Meghalaya is bounded by the forests of bamboo and many other varieties of flora. The fragrance of the wet soil and the dense vegetation is carried away and spread all across the place by the blowing breeze. Rongbang Falls offer inseparable memories that would last with you till your last breath.

Lale Falls

Lale Falls is counted amongst one of the finest waterfalls of the north eastern region of India. The magnificent waterfall falls near Garampani under the Jaintia Hills district. Historians call it Mahabati as it was known by this name earlier. Lale Falls at Meghalaya is easily accessible from Shillong by any local transport as the city is not too far away.

Lale Falls of Meghalaya is formed when river Kopili makes a gullet and falls from a height of around 60 feet. The scintillating view of the water forcefully coming down the rocky hills is loved by all. Though the whole atmosphere is thrilling due to the noise made by the cascading water, people like to spend some time here as it is less noisy than the hustle and bustle of the crowded cities and towns. But the only problem with the exquisite Lale Falls Meghalaya is that more than half of the year it remains submerged as the Khandong Reservoir of the Kopili Hydro Electricity Project remain full during that time. So the waterfall loses its natural beauty.

But still it remains one of the favorite hangouts in Meghalaya because of its surrounding panorama. Lale falls at Meghalaya offer the best venue for a picnic or outing with your family and friends. Moreover, you can check out the culture and tradition of the local tribe residing in the vicinity of the large waterfall.

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