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Spinach is the healthiest vegetable, being rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Baby spinach can be used as salad, but should be boiled for one min before use, to minimize the concentration of oxalic acid. As per researches, it has been found out that spinach is rich in many anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents. Despite all these benefits, our kids do not enjoy the healthiest food and as a mother you want them to eat spinach [...]

The festive season is here, and you must be looking for some quick and easy-to-make recipes to please your family. Try out the Khaman Dhokla, a famous traditional snack of the Gujarat state, which is by now popular in many parts of the country. This savory cake is good for diabetes patients also. Additionally, it is a low-calorie, healthy and protein-rich diet. You can have dhokla in breakfast or as evening snack, and it is [...]

My first reaction after seeing the snack made from arbi ke patte (leaves of colocasia) and besan was an over fried patty. But really it tastes awesome – very crispy, spicy and better than a patty. It is known by different names in different states of India – like in Himachal Pradesh it is known as pathrode or pathode, in Maharashtra this snack is called Aloo chi Vadi. Even in some of the states pathrode [...]