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Global Warming

Scientists all across the world are persistently working to figure out the exact cause of global warming and find ways to slow down the damage. They have found out that along with natural events, humans are again the major drivers of global warming. Their activities emit numerous gases which are accountable for global warming and greenhouse effect. These include combustion of fuel in vehicles, factories and even the production of electricity. Of all, carbon dioxide [...]

Indians kidnapped in Iraq

Iraq is experiencing the worst of sectarian war in which Sunni militants led by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis) has taken over the large regions and are trying to collapse Shia government of Baghdad. ISIS’s main aim is to set up a Muslim succession across the Iraqi-Syrian border. After crossing the Tigris valley, militants have headed towards Baghdad. The Islamist group has taken over the second largest city Mosul in northern [...]

2014 Hockey World Cup

  The idea to initiate the Hockey World Cup came to Pakistan’s Air Marshal Nur Khan. He proposed his suggestion under the name Patrick Rowley to the International Hockey Federation (FIH), which then approved the same on October 26, 1969. The FIH Council on April 12, 1970 adopted the idea and decided to hold an inaugural match in Pakistan in October 1971. But internal political issues and conflict with India did not allow the first [...]

Do you know that copper, though in traces, is a naturally occurring substance in our body and its recommended amount is good especially for the liver and brain. Since ancient times it is a tradition to cook food in copper vessels, because earlier copper was the only available metal and it was only later that its health benefits were found out. But with time and the discovery of other metals copper vessels have gradually vanished. [...]

Teachings of Buddha

Sutta Pitaka consists of Buddha’s teachings in the form stories. Buddhist philosophy strongly highlights that the world is ever changing and transient in nature so nothing is permanent and eternal. Along with this, the entire world is soulless. Sorrows are part of human existence and life. All human beings have originated from the planet earth and then they bear children for the continuity of life. Gautama Buddha or Siddhartha Gautama Buddha is known as ‘Buddha’ [...]