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As the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley prepares to present the Union Budget of India for the financial year 2017-18, the common man is worried not knowing what’s in store for him. Demonetisation has hit the common man the most with cash crunch, impacting jobs and business opportunity losses. So what can the country expect from the Finance Minister? The common man expects the government to speed up the process of remonetisation and ensure adequate cash is [...]


In 1946, the British began to seriously consider granting India independence, and sent a Cabinet Mission to India with a plan to meet representatives of the British government and various Indian states, to discuss the possibility of setting up a Constituent Assembly to draft the framework of the Indian Constitution. Here are some lesser known facts on how the Constitution of India was written. 1946: The Constituent Assembly was formed under the Cabinet Mission Plan. [...]

gearing up for navy day 2016

The India Navy Day is celebrated every year on 4th of December. It is observed with the purpose of celebrating the magnificent achievements of the Indian Navy, as well as celebrating the immensely-important role played in maintaining peace for the country on the maritime front. The marine branch of India’s armed forces, Navy, is led by the Indian President, who plays the role of the Commander-in-Chief. Chhatrapati Shivaji Bhosle is regarded as the originator of Indian [...]

Impact of Sikh Gurus on Indian Society

Sikhism, the world’s fifth largest religion, was founded by Guru Nanak Devji. It propagates through its 25 million followers today the message of one Universal God, along with equal status and opportunities for all in the eyes of the Supreme Being. With Gurpurab, the festival to commemorate the birth of the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak about to be celebrated on 14th of November, 2016, it is time to know more about a religion which [...]

Protagonists of Jammu and Kashmir Cauldron Part 4

Continued from previous post, Movers and Shakers of Kashmir – Part 3 People of P-O-K The people of Gilgit and Baltistan in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (P-O-K) are an unfortunate lot. During 1947-48, they were forcefully occupied by the Pakistan Army and ever since, their voice, culture, freedom and economic development have all been suppressed by the Pakistani state. The people continue to suffer under Pak Army’s brutality as they try and continue with existential living. [...]

Protagonists of Jammu and Kashmir Cauldron - Part 3

  Hurriyat: (Continued from Part 2) Yasin Malik (1966 – ) Yasin Malik has been a hardline active militant who has now supposedly turned to non-violent means to achieve ‘Azadi’ for Kashmir, outside the influence of both India and Pakistan. He founded the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) to take on the Indian authority through violent means. It was his group that organized the kidnapping of Rubaiya Sayeed days after Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, her [...]


  This is in continuation to the blog titled, Movers and Shakers of Kashmir – Part 1 Farooq Abdullah (1937 – ) President National Conference: 1981 Chief Minister: Sept 1982 – July 1984 Chief Minister: Nov 1986 – Jan 1990 Chief Minister: Oct 1996 – Oct 2002 Minister of New and Renewable Energy: May 2009 – May 2014 Son of Sheikh Abdullah and a doctor by profession, Farooq Abdullah became President of National Conference in [...]


The perennial unrest in the Kashmir Valley remains a quagmire and a challenge for all stakeholders, as they try and fulfill their respective agendas, civil, political or military. While they battle each other for control and domination, the common man remains caught in the crossfire, praying and hoping for an early resolution to the problem, while yearning for peace and prosperity to return to their state. It’s time for us to understand the genesis of [...]

Indus Water Treaty

Indus Water Treaty Following Uri Attacks and Nawaz Sharif’s shameful and lamentable denial of the same, India has decided to raise the pressure on Pakistan. Part of this new aggressive stance of Indian Government is doing away with Indus Water Treaty (IWT) completely. The two major political parties of India – BJP and Congress – have already laid into the way the Prime Minister of Pakistan absolutely denied Uri Attacks during his recent address at [...]

Baloch leader Brahumdagh Bugti to seek asylum in India

Baloch leader, Brahumdagh Bugti, grandson of Nawab Akbar Bugti, has decided to seek political asylum in India. President of Baloch Republican Party (BRP), and head of the Bugtis — the largest tribe of Balochistan, Brahumdagh Bugti has been residing in Geneva under his Afghan passport since he fled Balochistan in 2006 after the assassination of his grandfather in 2006, during the presidency of General Pervez Musharraf. However, he is forbidden to engage in political activities [...]