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Swachcha Bharat campaign

  It’s taken 67 years since Independence for women in India to earn their right to a toilet. It is surprising that it has taken so long for a basic and fundamental necessity like a toilet at home to take centre stage in the national consciousness and Narendra Modi can take full credit for identifying a sensitive issue and bringing it to the forefront of national priority. According to WHO and UNICEF, around 65% of [...]

Road Rage in Delhi

“22-year-old shot at after fight over parking” … “The driver of Delhi Public School, Rohini, carrying 40 school students, suffered from severe head injuries, when he was hit by two men in an Alto car, for not giving them passage” … “G D Goenka School’s bus driver was hit by a hammer by a man in a Scorpio for not giving way.” … “5 youths in a Verna car attacked three pedestrians and killed one of them not [...]

Feeling low Reach out and get help

The world just lost a lovable character, both on screen and off, in the untimely death of Hollywood actor Robin Williams. He committed suicide by slashing his wrists and then hanging himself with a belt. The 63-year old actor was known for his comedy roles in various television shows and cinema. For someone who came across as a perpetually happy person whose infectious joy touched everyone, it is a sad end. He was suffering from [...]

Clean Delhi Drive

As a part of Independence Day celebrations, a “Clean Delhi” drive has been launched in the city. This Cleanliness Drive is indeed a good initiative taken by the Delhi Government, Revenue Department and the PWD, along with the RWAs and other officials, including the civilians. The big question now is “Will Delhi really gain independence from the unclean conditions?” Cleanliness drive in Delhi for Independence day As a part of the 67th year of celebrations [...]

Ebola Virus Outbreak

One of the world’s extremely severe diseases with near fatal effects, according to WHO, is the Ebola. Its current outbreak is the worst ever. In most cases, the infected people die. It was in the year 1976, this deadly virus was first detected in Nzara, Sudan, and in Yambuku, Democratic Republic of Congo. So far it is mainly confined to the tropical regions of Sub-Saharan Africa, with very few instances in other countries. Till 2013, [...]

Problem of Begging in India

The moment you stop your car at the traffic red light, you see a dirty looking woman with a child in her arm come running to you or a little boy with running nose banging your car window or a handicapped old man asking for alms. This is a common sight in India. You will find many of these people in the railway stations, metro stations, tourist spots, in temples and in many areas where [...]

Child Abuse

Child abuse – Helpless, we pray! A 5-year old girl sexually abused by a school driver in Delhi; an 11-year old girl raped in Gurgaon; 6-year old girl raped by school’s gym instructors in Bangalore, 5-year old girl raped, murdered in Ahmedabad… These are just a few of the glaring news headlines of the last two months. Every day or the other, we get to read such heinous crimes against children that are shocking. A [...]

Rape and Fasion - Are they connected ?

One of the most sensitive issues in our country today is sexual violence and rape against women. This has always been in one of the most highlighted and discussed topics among the feminists, women activists, in discussions and debates on social issues, in political debates and of course, the media and online social media. However, can anyone imagine the theme “rape” as a subject of design in the fashion world? Well, anything can happen in [...]

Wierd Practices in India

We cannot deny the fact that Indians are immensely religious people. There are instances in which in the name of religion, in the name of Gods and Goddesses and the attainment of self realisation, men and women have gone to extreme cases of hurting themselves physically. We present below some of the most extraordinary and freakish beliefs and practices that Indians follow in the name of religion: Theemithi festival or fire-walking Every year, Tamil Nadu [...]

Rise in communal politics in U.P.

From the run-up to the general elections till date, there has been a distinct rise in communal politics that has resulted in communal polarization in UP, especially western UP. The communal situation in UP had been more or less stable for some years but ever since the Samajwadi Party came to power there has been a pronounced rise in communal politics in the State. This is evident from not just what members of the ruling Samajwadi [...]