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February 27, 2015
Skincare for men

To have a glowing skin is only the dream of women, said no man in the world! Often most men shy away from talking about their skin even when it’s equally essential for them. For decades, the beauty industry has been flourishing profitably predominantly on the needs of women. But it’s high time to break the stigma and pave way for men’s beauty essentials! So keeping in mind the skin care needs of the gentlemen [...]

Marriage - Roadblock for working women

India is stepping closer to modernisation, but still the patriarchal mind set prevails in the country. In the Indian family set up, it is mostly a woman who sacrifices her career to cater to household needs of her family. A lot of families still prefer the woman to be the homemaker, while the man is given full opportunity to focus on his career. Is Marriage a Setback for a Woman to Touch New Heights even [...]

Cool dresses for Valentines Day

Going out for a date this Valentine’s? Dress to impress your sweetheart by making an extra effort in choosing your attire! The season of love is on and lovers all around are running on their toes to woo their partners. Meanwhile in this hullabaloo, have you decided as to what is it that you will be wearing for your special date? Don’t freak out if the answer to this is still a no! Here are [...]

Child labour in diamond industry

Despite provisions in the Constitution of India and laws prohibiting child labour, it is still an extensive reality in the country. There is no denying the fact that child labour plays a role in contributing to India’s Gross Domestic Product. Surprised? Even I was shocked. I know that child labour is thriving in the country but I was not aware of the fact that it contributes to the country’s GDP. The reason being, they work [...]

Angry birds game

The Android provides a world class platform for making use of apps and games. Android devices facilitate accessing apps, games and other digital tools and content for users. Due to the immense popularity of Android phones and tablets, the apps available for the platform too have gone up. That’s why more Android games are available either free of cost or for nominal price. There are a bunch of really nice games available for Android phones [...]


The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a value added tax that will replace all indirect taxes levied on goods and services by the Government, both Central and States, once it is implemented. The GST is all set to consolidate all State economies. This will be one of the biggest taxation reforms that will take place in India once the Bill gets officially the green signal to implement. The basic idea is to create a [...]

There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics. Three-time Congress MLA, MP and former UPA Minister Krishna Tirath switched over to Bharatiya Janata Paety (BJP) just a day before the announcement of its candidates for Delhi Assembly election. Now, a well-known Dalit face Tirath is contesting from Patel Nagar Assembly constituency and Udit Raj, who had defeated Tirath in 2014 Lok Sabh election from North- West Delhi would campaign for her. Strange but true [...]

Commercialization of yoga

Yoga originated in India thousands and thousands of years ago. It balances the soul and the body, controls the senses and ultimately the mind. It was a way of life, a path to reach oneness with God but in recent times yoga has been metamorphosed and become a commercial product. Different forms and variations have been added to the traditional yoga to make it popular across the world. Daily near about 20 million Americans do [...]

B Schools in India

In the last five years, the number of business  schools or B-schools in India has almost tripled. There are around 4,500 B-schools in India today and collectively there are more than 3,60,000 MBA seats. There has also been an increasing trend of B-schools having foreign collaboration. In fact, the education sector has reached a stage where anyone aspiring to get an MBA/PGDM degree can now get admission easily in one or other B-school somewhere in [...]