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world malaria day 2017

When the Europeans first landed in India their greatest fear was a disease. A vector borne disease that was quick in its onset and would often kill its victim – Malaria. Till the discovery of Quinine (from the bark of the Cinchona), Malaria was considered fatal. By the mid-1900s numerous other drugs were developed and the number of deaths due to malaria (worldwide) reduced drastically. It is unfortunate, though, that despite the advances in medical [...]

highway liquor ban

The Liquor Ban The Supreme Court of India issued a ban on sale of liquor and spirits within 500 metres of any national or state highway from 1 April, 2017. The mandate affects not only shops but also bars, restaurants, and hotels that are located on highways across the country. The state governments were asked to ensure that no liquor serving establishment is either visible or easily accessible from any of the highways. A number [...]

Essay on Earth Day

April 22. That day again when we post a beautiful picture on Facebook or Twitter, greet each other on World Earth Day, appreciate the school going kids who bring home a plant and go on with our lives as usual. This year, let’s do something different. Let us commemorate Earth Day as it should be – by celebrating the Earth and its abundance, by pledging to protect the greenery, the natural resources, the beauty and [...]

ban on red beacons

No More Red Beacon Lights In what has been lauded as a progressive and pertinent move, the Union Cabinet decided to ban the use of red beacons atop cars and vehicles of all VIPs. This includes the vehicles belonging to politicians, bureaucrats, and government officials. The ban is likely to be imposed from 1 May 2017. The government has come up with a no exception rule. This means that vehicles of the Prime Minister, Union [...]

parliament passes hiv and aids bill

We belong to a country that has fought a long and painful battle to achieve the basics of healthcare. The eradication of small pox and polio have been an uphill struggle, dengue and malaria continue to claim hundreds of lives each year. Coming from a nation where the poor and rural population either do not have access to or cannot afford medical help and treatment, the fact that India’s lower house of parliament, the Lok [...]

Get to know the objectives and benefits of the government schemes, Swadesh Darshan and PRASAD.

India is a vast country with a rich and diverse heritage of religions, communities, culture, traditions and bio-diversity, all of which offer a wide choice of options for the keen traveller. To nurture this diverse heritage and to promote interest among tourists, both domestic and international, the Narendra Modi-led government took the initiative to allocate financial and other resources in the 2014-15 Budget for developing ‘theme-based’ tourist circuits in India. Swadesh Darshan The Objective Identify [...]

Anti Romeo Squads

What is the one greatest concern that India has been battling for a while now? If you just said corruption, illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, sit back and think again. Remember Nirbhaya? Remember the hundreds of thousands of rapes, murders, domestic violence cases, kidnappings, and other crimes reported against women ever since? India is one of the most populated countries of the world with over 1.3 billion people calling this country their home. Women make up about [...]

India's Job Crisis Getting Worse

A reforms-oriented government, a plethora of social security ‘yojanas’, predicted economic growth of between 7.5 and 8 percent (at a time when global growth is hovering around the 3 percent mark), numerous black money and tax evasion measures, and above all, no new reports of corruption, or scams. Everything seems to be well with India, doesn’t it? Look again. One of the key indicators of prosperity and socio-economic well-being in a country is its unemployment [...]

Cabinet Scraps NSEBC

The Dalits and Other Backward Classes (OBC) of Uttar Pradesh played an important role in the recently concluded state assembly elections. The Jat agitation of Haryana is causing quite a stir and the Patel agitation in BJP-led Gujarat is far from being over. The NDA government has given its assent to a proposal that will lend constitutional backing to a new commission that will look into OBC issues and concerns. The National Commission for Backward [...]

Lving status to Ganga, Yamuna

It has been about a week since New Zealand legislators passed a legislation that granted the Whanganui River the status of a “legal person”. The Whanganui, a river sacred to the native Maori tribe, was given “its own legal identity with all the corresponding rights, duties and liabilities of a legal person”. The move, a first in the world, was hailed by environmentalists and people from across the globe. Ganga and Yamuna: Living Entities Not [...]