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The yearly pilgrimage to the holy shrine of Amarnath will begin on 29 June and end on 7 August 2017. The registration of annual Amarnath yatra has already started. Meanwhile, Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB) has issued the Do’s and Dont’s for the pilgrims so that the yatra goes peacefully without any hindrances. Do’s for the Amarnath Yatris Woolen clothes: All candidates are advised to take sufficient woolen clothing as the temperature is very unpredictable and can fall [...]

power of whatsapp

In today’s age of digital technology, WhatsApp has become a very popular medium for News. While Facebook takes the lead in opening the door of the entire world in a small screen of our smartphone, WhatsApp is slowly becoming more popular, and very soon will replace Facebook for news coverings as per a latest news report. Be it young or old, you will hardly come across people who are not using WhatsApp in today’s age. [...]

drug addiction in india

Over the last few decades, drug consumption has become one of the biggest problems affecting millions of children and youth in the country. There are few states and cities in India which have taken the lead in drug consumption. Punjab in the Northern part of India has been facing a drug epidemic since a very long time, though it is considered to be one of the most developed states of the country. Even our national [...]

Indoor plants to purify air

According to a research report from the WHO (2016), half of the world’s most polluted cities in the world are in India. Going by the urban air quality database India ranks among the lowest in terms of air pollution. This, however, is no reason to despair. We the people can ensure that our homes, offices, and public spaces are clean. Growing indoor plants that act as natural air purifiers is a great way to clean [...]

marriage by abduction in bihar

Take 1: Julie, a 19-year old girl, in her lovely bridal attire is waiting for her groom. The groom Abhinay Kumar, a 22-year-old young man arrives and exchanges garland and ties the nuptial knot with Julie. The marriage mantras are over. They are a married couple now. Take 2: The police arrives on the scene. They are searching for the groom. The groom Abhinay Kumar was actually kidnapped by Julie’s family and was forced to marry [...]

heat wave in north india

Temperatures hovered above 45 degree Celsius on 4 June 2017, the highest this season, in most of the states of North India. It is summer time and North India is once again experiencing a heat wave. This time, it is on an average 4 to 5 degrees more than the previous years’ maximum temperatures. This heat wave is likely to continue for the next few days, though there is a likelihood of rain and thundershowers [...]

Regulation of Livestock Markets: Ban On Cattle Slaughter

Beef ban and the controversy surrounding it, in fact even the idea of Gau Raksha and self-styled vigilantes, is not a new one. It has existed for ages with staunch Hindus opposing cow slaughter for beef consumption. Eventually, like every mature and all-embracing heterogeneous society, Indians decided to deal with the issue. Muslims would often desist from eating beef in front of their Hindu neighbours and friends and the majority of the Hindu populace would [...]

Kerala is now fully electrified state

Electrification of rural India has been right on top of almost every government’s agenda ever since the country gained independence from British rule and started to take decisive steps towards the nation’s development. In what can only be described as a significant milestone, the southern state of Kerala is set to be fully electrified starting today. On Monday, 30 May, 2017, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan declared the state the first fully electrified state in [...]

delhi university admissions 2017

It is that time of the year again. CBSE has declared its Class XII results and students are on the threshold of college admissions. Hope, ambitions, and dreams are harnessed as cut-offs are checked, applications filed, and preparations for entrance exams commence. Let us take a look around Delhi University – one of the most coveted universities of the country and try to read the admissions scenario this year. More Admission Seekers Knock DU Doors [...]

delhi metro's heritage line

They say that the Indian capital is a city of Dilwalas. Be as it may, Delhi is certainly in the hearts of the Indians. Our capital is a culturally rich, historic city that is dotted with important monuments and iconic landmarks. The newest and the best way to visit these landmarks is Delhi Metro’s new ‘Heritage Line’. Introducing The Heritage Line Yesterday, 28 May, 2017, Union Urban Development Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu and the Chief [...]