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Selfie Mania Imapact

Selfie is the latest fad among people, especially the younger generation. Whether you are at the railway station, restaurant, in the park or any other scenic or not so scenic place, you would come across youngsters clicking pictures of themselves, which are more commonly known as selfies. Though these selfies are good for a person’s Facebook post, but there have been several instances where selfie-obsessed youngsters have severely injured themselves or even met their death [...]

blue whale challenge

  The death of 14-year-old Manpreet Singh was deemed a suicide. The investigative report and media reports that followed have had parents across the country worried about the safety of their children. The young boy is believed to have been addicted to the Blue Whale game – an online game that offers its users a series of challenges culminating in their death. Young children who are lured to taking up the dares offered by the [...]

Happy Friendship Day-2017

It has been truly said that “Friends are siblings that God never gave us”. They are family that we can pick and choose ourselves. The theme of friendship has also been a favourite topic in mainstream cinema where protagonists depict the different shades of a friendly relation with flair. While there are innumerable such movies, there are a few which have struck the emotional chord of the viewer. Dil Chahta Hai (2001) Friends may be [...]

raksha bandhan

Last year when the Fortune magazine announced that retailers in the US could expect a total sales over about USD 655.8 billion or more during the holiday season, there were a number of people who came out, rather strongly against the commercialization of Christmas and the holidays. More and more people have started to rue the loss of ideals and family time and the increase in expenditure and gift exchange. If you are from India, [...]

Diversities in India

  One of the major factors that have made India famous all over the world is its cultural diversity. This is one country with 29 states and several union territories that have their own unique history and culture, and have still existed, more or less, peacefully with each other for years. In this country you would people who practise different religions – in fact there are perhaps people of all religion in this country – [...]

Plantation Campaign in the Narmada Basin

India is in the forefront in its commitment to the Paris Agreement, and 1.5 million citizens of India, supporting the cause of the nation, gathered along the Narmada River in the state of Madhya Pradesh, and helped in planting 66 million trees in just 12 hours, last Sunday, 2 July, 2017. To keep things in perspective, it equals the entire population of cities in the US like Philadelphia working towards a cause. In fact India [...]

India's best companies to work for

It is every company’s dream to be recognized as one the best companies to work with. It is also every young man’s dream to work in one of the best companies of the country. Just a week back, Economic Times, ET organized its annual “ET’s India’s Best Companies to Work For Awards ceremony”. Year 2017 marked the tenth anniversary of this award show. It was attended by various CEOs along with their HR heads and [...]

disease worry after monsoon in delhi ncr

According to the Meteorological officials in Delhi, the southwest monsoons have finally struck the capital. The monsoon clouds have covered Delhi and the entire NCR, parts of Rajasthan, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, UP and Uttarakhand. Met officials have forecast rains to continue in spells in the months of July and August. In fact, this year, the pre-monsoon showers have been so strong that June has been considered as the wettest month in the last 14 years [...]

medical tourism in india

World class medical and healthcare facilities, highly trained doctors and healthcare professionals, and a fraction of the cost – these are the three major attractions that are bringing more and more medical tourists to India. While most of them coming in from the US, the UK, and other European countries are looking at getting the best of medical care at a cost that could be a dream back home, there are also quite a number [...]

waste management practices

India is at war. If that statement made you think of our northern frontiers and booming gunshots, think again. If you think we’re referring to insurgency in the heartland, reconsider your answer. We, the people of India, are indeed in a state of war. This war, however, has nothing to do with arms and ammunition. It does have everything to do with our survival, though. India’s waste management crisis is spiraling out of control. So [...]