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The latest trend emerging in India among the internet surfers is the use of the Internet for online medical consultations, though the concept is not a new one. With technology advancing every day, with the Internet at our fingertips to get all information, with e-commerce and online shopping on the rise, with the advancement in medical technology, how can the online world be derived of medical consultations? In 1996, WebMD was the first medical consulting [...]

It seemed cool to rely on Uber and hail a taxi at the click of a finger thanks to their mobile app on your smartphone, and join the bandwagon of ‘Uber people’, rather than call a regular taxi or go for the public transport. All you had to do was download the app, key in your credit card or debit card details and you are all set to hail an Uber cab whenever you want, [...]

Construction of flyovers in Delhi

In a span of 30 years, the metro city Delhi has developed to a great extent and today it is considered as one of the most developed cities of the world. One aspect of development is the never-ending construction of flyovers in various areas in Delhi to reduce the problem of traffic congestion and make public transportation more comfortable and easier. In 1982, when Delhi hosted the Asian Games, it had just five flyovers. Presently, [...]

It is always a desire to own your dream home in a metro city like Delhi. With property rates skyrocketing every year, when many people cannot afford to buy a flat in a prime location in Delhi, it is the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) which comes to the help of such people to get their dream home at a rate which is much less than the market rate. For people living in Delhi in rented [...]

Banega swachh India

On December 14, 2014, NDTV India in continuation of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 2, 2014, started a 12-hour Cleanathon, ‘Banega Swachh India’. Dettol India in partnership with NDTV & Facebook had launched ‘Banega Swachh India,’ a social initiative and a commitment towards making India clean and healthier in October 2014. Though the programme was launched along with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, to make it more popular, a [...]

Religions in India

It has been stated in the Constitution of India that one of the fundamental rights of the people of India is the freedom of religion. In 1947 India got independence and the Constitution in 1950 declared India as a secular State. According to secularism, every citizen of the country has a fundamental right to practice his or her religion peacefully. However, we have been hearing a number of incidents of religious intolerance that have led [...]

December 13, 2014

Many a time, pet lovers get asked this question, why do you keep pets when there is enough on your plate and other aspects of life to focus on? For a pet lover, these questions seem bizarre as many cannot imagine their life without pets. For them pets are equivalent to their children. It is not just about having a pet Pomeranian dog or a pet retriever, it is about the bond each pet has [...]

Traffic Congestion in Delhi

Well, one of the most common and irritating problems that one faces in the national Capital of our country is getting caught in traffic jams. The daily commuting on the roads of Delhi is becoming longer and more gruelling day by day, depicting the failure of public transportation infrastructure to keep pace with the growing developing activities in the Capital. Sad, but true, one of the fastest growing and developed cities of the world, Delhi, [...]

Water Problem in Delhi

According to World Bank experts, the next war among neighbouring countries and cities worldwide will be for “water” and this is a scenario the experts have predicted to take place by 2020. But in reality, in Delhi, the national Capital, the war over water has already started. There has been a continuous war going on between Delhi and Haryana regarding the sharing of water between the two States but nothing has been officially finalised. The [...]

Ironies in India

There are certain things, issues, events, beliefs that happen in India and only in India and then we just say, “This is typical Indian mentality”.  India has become a land of contradictions and ironies as there are many things that have happened and will continue to happen in India, which are in contrast  to what they actually mean to be. India is a land of rich culture and heritage, in the midst of which lies [...]