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Introducing Amazon Prime Video Ever since Amazon launched its Prime service in India there has been only one question plaguing our minds, “When is Amazon Prime Video coming to India?” The kindly folks at Amazon seem to have gauged this sentiment and on 14 December 2016, Amazon Prime Video came to India. We have to give it to Amazon – the timing couldn’t have been better. The entry of Reliance Jio brings with it high [...]


Like most Indians, are you a TV buff too? Wondering which shows made it big in 2016? Here’s our list of top rated shows from last year (by viewership). Bigg Boss Not only the most viewed but also the most discussed reality TV show, Bigg Boss ended its 9th season (Bigg Boss Nau) in January 2016. The TRPs of Colors TV were certainly skyrocketing through the final few episodes and the season was won by [...]


Doing away with a tradition that has lasted some 92 years, the government of India will be merging the railway budget and the union budget this year. Also, this year the budget is likely to be presented early in the month of February. Even as the country gears up to understand and examine this first combined budget, we are certain that Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu already has his priorities sorted. Let us take a look [...]


The President of India is the constitutional head of the country (Republic of India). As part of the “checks and balances” that keeps our democracy a stable one, however, a Governor is appointed to head each state. The Governor is the representative of the President in each state. In the normal course of events, the Governor is merely a nominal head and though all executive decisions are made by the Chief Minister and the state [...]

Jallikattu Bull Sport in Tamil Nadu

Supreme Court may have banned Jallikattu, a sport that involves taming of bulls but that has not stopped people from protesting across Tamil Nadu, the state where this “sport” has been played with gusto for centuries. Recently, in clear defiance of the apex court’s orders, people at Palmedu, Madurai have let loose bulls. There has been plenty of frenzied excitement all around as well, even as people have taken to the streets to protest a [...]


Keeping in mind the safety of Indian women, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has decided to allow all female passengers to carry a knife for the purpose of self defence in case of an emergency situation. Female passengers will be allowed a knife of up to 4 inch while travelling in the Metro. However, the security personnel on frisking and scanning duty have the right to refuse entry if the passenger is seen as [...]


The beginning of a new year always brings much hope and expectation. Here are the 2017 predictions for the twelve zodiac signs based on your moon sign (rashi) - Also Know Significance of Astrology In Our Lives   Aries (Mesh) Mars, the ruler of Aries, gifts you with much energy and passion. This year you will need all the strength you can gather as a number of challenges come your way. Work-related stress and financial woes [...]


The beginning of a calendar year is celebrated across the globe with much hope and joy. People exchange wishes for growth, happiness, health, and prosperity. Here is our wishlist – a common man’s hopes and aspirations for India’s breakthrough growth in 2017. Impact of Demonetisation Demonetisation of the high value currency notes (Rs 500 and Rs 1000) and the subsequent withdrawal restrictions placed on the masses due to shortage of new currency notes, was one [...]


Earlier this month, Najeeb Jung ended his tumultuous tenure as the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi by tendering his resignation to the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee. The 1973 cadre IAS officer and former Vice-Chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia University, Jung had been sworn in as the 20th Lieutenant Governor of the national capital in July 2013. Ever since Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal assumed office as the Chief Minister of Delhi,  Jung’s confrontations with [...]


For the uninitiated, Khap Panchayats in India refer to the assembly of khap elders belonging to one or more clans who govern a group of villages and spell directives for their inhabitants from time to time. They are of course ‘quasi judicial’ in nature but complied with in all seriousness by those living in the villages. Khap panchayat directives have been in the news from time to time for all the wrong reasons due to [...]