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fb start programme

As of May 2016, India became one of the largest Facebook user bases across the world with over 195 million registered users. Since its inception, this social networking site has been growing in leaps and bounds and its popularity remains unrivalled. Considering the fact that Facebook is increasingly being used by mobile internet users in the countries in which it has a major presence, the tech giant has been partnering with mobile application developers over [...]

Can India Really Go Cashless

Ever since the Indian Government has opted to take back notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 the number of people waiting outside banks and ATMs has only increased. A lot of people are still looking to get their old banknotes exchanged, get money for their daily expenses, and in such a situation it seems that plastic money – in the shape of credit cards and debit cards – could be the only way forward. [...]

Why has India Banned 500 Rupee Currency Notes

A Clear Vision In what is now being called a “Surgical Strike Against Black Money”, PM Narendra Modi announced last night that INR 500 and INR 1000 notes will no longer be considered legal tender. The reasons for such a sudden and drastic move are very clear. Black money hoardings (in cash) have now lost their value. Why was the move a sudden one? To preempt any action to convert the black money into gold, [...]


The authorities at Naya Raipur are trying their best to make sure that more people come and live in the city. To this end, the Chhattisgarh Housing Board (CGHB) is offering a discount of 15% on houses and flats being purchased in the region. The offer is open until 31st December, 2016. Some people had already been allotted houses in the city as part of the self-finance scheme, and were expected to receive a discount [...]

Is Diwali turning us into hypocrites?

Barack Obama visited New Delhi during 2015 and at that time the US Embassy had bought around 1800 indoor air purifiers in order to safeguard its employees. The news sparked off plenty of negative emotions among the common people as well as the higher-ups in the capital city. The citizens were disgusted at what they felt was lack of sufficient action from the state government to keep the city clean. The bureaucrats and politicians expressed [...]

Rajasthani, Bhojpuri Languages to get Official Status

India is a unique medley of various cultures, religions, languages, geographical features and art forms. To us Indians, such diversity is the source of immense national pride. In this light, there is some more good news. Rajasthani and Bhojpuri are all set to join the list of official languages of the country. There are currently 22 languages listed in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution of India. These languages are the official languages and find [...]

Should cultural isolation follow economic and diplomatic isolation?

For years now, veiled attacks and state-sponsored terrorism have been the calling cards of our western neighbour. Our nation and its valiant armed forces have been bleeding and bleeding slowly through the northern and western frontiers. But we should be content as long as we get a regular fix of gyrating Pakistani artistes in glitzy Bollywood events and crooning Pakistani singers in candlelight ghazal mehfils. Despite everything, holding cultural exchanges is imperative, irrespective of the [...]

Patriarchy Divorce and Inequitable Laws

      Karwa Chauth. The day Indian women deck up in all their finery and go through the day, from sunrise to sunset, without food or water. All for their husbands to enjoy a long life and prosperous year. Each year hundreds of thousands of Hindu women undertake this arduous fast and men wear it on their lapel as a matter of pride. While recently some men have taken to fasting in solidarity with [...]

Indian Nobel Prize Winners

  There has been a lot of controversy over Bob Dylan being awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature this year (2016). While the Nobel citation says he deserved it “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”, critics think otherwise. The Nobel frenzy is still consuming the world (read Social Media); meanwhile let us take a look at all the Nobel Prize winners who were Indian or shared strong links with [...]

Is Kerala Fast Becomin a Islamic Terrorist Haven

The southern state of Kerala is an enigma of sorts. Breathtaking natural beauty blended with a progressive society makes for an ideal state. Kerala is best known for its high literacy rate, estimated to be about 94 percent by the 2011 census. Another reason that this state stands out among the others is its religious tolerance. With about 54 percent Hindus, 26 percent Muslims, and 18 percent Christians, the state finds adequate representation and prides [...]