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Rural Life vs Urban Life

In India, a region is considered to be a village or a rural area when the population density per square kilometre is 400, it has clear demarcated boundaries without a municipal board, and 75% of the working population is engaged in agriculture, or any of the cottage industries, fishing or pottery for a livelihood. In India approximately 72% of the population lives in the rural area, in approximately 50,000 villages. Urban area in India, constituting cities [...]

2nd International Yoga Day

The 2nd International Yoga Day was observed worldwide on 21 June 2016. It all started when on 14 December 2014, 177 members of the  United Nations, co-sponsored India’s initiative to recognise and commemorate 21 June as International Yoga Day and adopted the resolution for the same at the UN General Assembly. International Yoga Day was first celebrated as a global event on 21 June last year. India took the lead in organizing yoga demonstrations, lectures, workshops [...]

DoGoodNow Working Towards Drought Relief

Drought in India is a stark reality. Three successive years of deficient monsoon have sealed the fate for thousands of farmers. About 10 states, mostly in North and Western India, are reeling under drought. About 33 crore people in 300 districts are facing shortage of drinking water. Cattle have little access to water and fodder. In the first three months of 2016, at least 116 farmers have committed suicide. While the Parliament debates over the [...]

Pros and Cons of Liquor Ban in Bihar

  I am against any form of ban for the simple reason that it causes collateral damage. It either stifles someone’s freedom or imposes a totalitarian ideology that leaves the affected people with no plank to stand on and defend. I had objected to beef ban and now, I present my reservations against blanket ban on liquor. You may judge me for this and question my morality, but that won’t change the truth that Bihar [...]

Top 10 Destinations To Celebrate Holi In India

“Holi kab hai…kab hai holi?” calm down, Gabbar. It’s around the March full moon every year. The most rollicking and uproarious of all the Indian festivals, Holi is a special time to forget all the gile-shikawes and splash your relatives, neighbours, humjolis and chunarwali balams (loved ones) with water guns and colours only – not anything you can get your hands on – and yell “Bura Na Mano…” From Braj to Bengal and Delhi to [...]


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently declared Sikkim as India’s first organic state. While handing over the organic certificate to Chief Minister Pawan Chamling in Gangtok, Narendra Modi said that Sikkim would soon lead the path to organic farming in different states of the country. Sikkim has set an example for other states to follow suit. This is an indication for others to realise that nature needs care and protection. The landlocked state in the [...]

Protest against Section 377

The Chapter XVI Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code was introduced in 1860. This clearly states that any sexual activity which is against the supposed laws of nature is a criminal offence and can be punished by law. Arguably, this includes all kinds of homosexual activities as well as transgenders and people with bisexual orientations. Also, the ruling is uniform, irrespective of the matter of consent between the participants in question. What does the [...]

Case against Lord Rama

A petition has been filed against Lord Ram for abandoning his wife Sita in the aftermath of her return from Lanka. The petition was filed against both Lord Rama and his brother Laxman, in a Bihar court, by a local lawyer Thakur Chandan Kumar Singh, seeking justice for Sita, since she was the daughter of Mithila and came from Bihar. The case was heard by a Chief Judicial Magistrate in Sitamarhi on 1 February 2016 who [...]

Kapus Protest

The caste system in India has existed for ages, ever since Aryans came and settled down over here. In the beginning it was supposed to be occupational. It was not related to one’s family. One was not a Brahman or Shudra by birth but by occupation and there was no forbidding a king’s son from becoming a monk or vice versa. However, later on, owing to the actions of majority of Brahmanic community and the [...]

Liquor Companies target Youth

India is the 3rd largest liquor market in the world. The alcohol industry is one of the fastest growing industries on the back of demographics and economy. With a growth of 7-12% in the decade between 2001 to 2011, the alcohol industry in India has indeed been flourishing. Major factors behind the Growth The growth of the alcohol industry has been partly due to the fact that the youth of India has joined the brigade [...]