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Family planning in India

India’s population has already reached 1.26 billion in the current year and considering the present growth rate, by 2028, the country’s population will be more than China, according to a recent report from the UN. Though, the report has clearly mentioned that the rate of population growth has slowed down in recent years, due to effective implementation of family planning and family welfare programmes, yet the rate is growing at a much faster rate compared [...]

Encephalitis Endemic

As per government statistics, 1,273 people died of encephalitis in 2013. The number of deaths by encephalitis were more than deaths from malaria (440) and deaths from dengue (193). This year’s condition is no different from the previous one – encephalitis has engulfed near about 570 people so far and there seems no stoppage to this, as health ministry is suspecting more deaths from encephalitis. Out of total 111 died in West Bengal and 165 [...]

India - Rape capital of World ?

Sometimes I feel that God has also done injustice to women by making her physically weaker than her male counterpart. If he had given 10 times more physical strength to her then the problem of rape would have never existed. But alas this cannot happen, so we have to fight against the problem of rape and such people. It was never out of news but the recent rape of six years old child in her [...]

Tips to Motivate Yourself

There is no universal rule to motivate anyone. A set of conditions which can motivate you may not have the same impact on other person. So finding what exactly motivates you is extremely important. Also motivation does not function in vacuum but linked to the goals and time period to achieve these goals. It is actually a way to live a happy and optimistic life. Though there are external motivational factors but self-motivation is the [...]

Sabarmati River

‘World Class Cities’, ‘Modern Cities’, Global Cities’ are the few terminologies that created an interest in the urban development and transformation for recreation and international investment. To become a mega city, every city in India takes up mega projects. Based on the requirements, these projects either change the existing infrastructure or develop a completely new infrastructure. Ahmedabad which is one of the seven mega cities has followed the same path and working hard to become [...]

The Maoist Insurgency

The Maoist insurgency sweeping across parts of central, eastern and south eastern India is a growing menace and unless addressed immediately, could spread to other parts of the country. The main affected states are Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Maharashtra. The Naxalite Movement The origins of the Naxalite movement traces back to 1967 when the then Communist Party of India (Marxist), spilt with the forming of the Communist Party of India [...]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

For the last few years social networking has become a catchphrase not only among teenagers but everyone including old generation. On personal front it provides an opportunity to be in contact with your friends and family whereas on professional front the social networking sites help in establishing and maintaining brand image, reputation, lead generation and in turn help to grow business. How social media is beneficial? Social media sites like Facebook have become an inevitable [...]

Mohalla Sabha

What is Mohalla Sabha? Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) can take credit for implementing the concept of Mohalla Sabha, wherein the power for local area development goes to the people. The people in each area get together and discuss amongst themselves on what problems exist in the area, and through mutual discussion and voting, they prioritize the problems and then the work is allocated to a contractor. The local councilor, who is present at [...]

Should rear seat belt be compulsory

Union Minister Gopinath Munde’s death in a recent road accident has opened up an issue of wearing a rear seat belt and its importance. If it is life saving then why wearing a rear seat belt is not compulsory in India? According to WHO, India has the highest number of deaths in road accidents (105,275 in 400,000 accidents). It is sufficient to understand the terrible condition of road safety standards in our country. Also it [...]

Tihar Jail's efforts to bring the best out of prisoners

Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru in his book “Prison Land” had once written “Any reforms must be based on the idea that a prisoner is not punished but reformed and made into a good citizen. If this objective is once accepted, it would result in a complete overhauling of the prison system. “ Tihar jail is one of the biggest jail complexes in India and world. Criminals with grave charges as well as with charges such [...]