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We keep on complaining on many things and issues in our lives, especially those which affect the functioning of the society. For instance, we complain about the government and its functioning, we complain about the lack of civic sense of the people, we complain about bad roads, traffic jams, lack of water supply, lack of electricity, and many more. We are always ready to put the blame on others for any kind of disturbing situations [...]

Modi at Madison Square Garden New York

All eyes were glued to the coverage of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, September 28th 2014, addressing the Indian American community at the iconic Madison Square Garden. The India diaspora gave a spirited reception to Modi in New York. Madison Square, is the same place where various legends have performed earlier, be it in sports, concerts, political and social events. Narendra Modi is indeed a rock star, the first of his kind in Indian history, when a [...]

White Tiger Kills Man at Zoo

Tiger kills youth in Delhi Zoo: This is the news headline of all national dailies on Wednesday. One of the most horrifying incidents that left visitors in a shock in Delhi zoo, when in the front of their eyes, a 20 year young man was killed by a white tiger. Recorded live by many onlookers, it was indeed a hair-raising incident that took place on Tuesday. Maqsood, a factory worker and resident of central Delhi’s [...]

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Mahatma Gandhi had rightly said, “Sanitation is more important than Independence”. He was aware of the pathetic situation of Indian rural people at that time and he dreamt of a clean India where he emphasised on cleanliness and sanitation as an integral part of living. Unfortunately, we have completed 67 years of independence and we have only about 30% of the rural households with access to toilets. President Pranab Mukherjee in his address to Parliament [...]

Indian Top 10 billonare

India has reached its 100 billionaire mark amongst the billionaires of the world in 2014. According to the Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2014, released on September 17, 2014, India’s billionaire population stands at 100. The total billionaire wealth of the country is $175 billion. The country that leads is the United States followed by China. Mumbai, the financial capital of our country, is among the top 20 billionaire cities in the world. There are [...]

India Needs Medical Team For Disaster Management

India is highly vulnerable to natural disasters due to its geo-climatic conditions and we are all aware of this. India has been affected by all kinds of natural disasters be it earthquake, landslides, tsunami or floods and we have also seen to what extent these have destroyed our country. The natural disasters like as the Uttarakhand floods, Gujarat earthquake, Odisha cyclone, Indian Ocean tsunami and many others should have been an eye-opener for the extreme [...]

What Makes Mawlynnong Village Different From Others?

A very small village in the north-east part of India, along the Bangladesh border, is declared as the cleanest village in Asia. Yes, I am talking about Mawlynnong, in the State of Meghalaya. Surprisingly, while many of us may not be aware of the existence of this small village of India, yet it has created a name of its own in the global map as the cleanest village in Asia. Farming is the main occupation [...]

Glitz of Punjabi Weddings

A large farmhouse illuminated with lustrous decorations, a large crowd of jazzily dressed men and women swaying their arms up in the air with fun and gaiety, loud drums, unlimited food and drinks, gossiping aunties, hilariously dancing uncles and flirting youngsters – Welcome to an actual Punjabi wedding! Punjabis are known for their loudness and over-the-top demeanor which mark them out from the usual crowd. They love boisterous celebrations for almost every happy event of their [...]

Women Are Affected By Water Crisis

The water crisis in India is actually a woman’s issue. The problem of water shortage is not only related to the fact that there is more demand and less supply of water but also related to some of the major women’s issues like women’s rights, development, education, health, sanitation and preventable deaths. There is no doubt about the fact that India is facing a severe water shortage problem. Data released by the National Sample Survey [...]

Green Belt Development

Conservation and protection of the environment is every citizen’s duty, environment being an inseparable part of society, culture and heritage. According to the Indian Constitution, it is the duty of the State and the people to ‘safeguard and improve the environment and to protect the forests and wildlife of the country’. Following lots of sponsored discussions, accusations of politician-industry nexus and a series of doubtful enactments over the years, now a four-member committee was constituted [...]