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A large farmhouse illuminated with lustrous decorations, a large crowd of jazzily dressed men and women swaying their arms up in the air with fun and gaiety, loud drums, unlimited food and drinks, gossiping aunties, hilariously dancing uncles and flirting youngsters – Welcome to an actual Punjabi wedding! Punjabis are known for their loudness and over-the-top demeanor which mark them out from the usual crowd. They love boisterous celebrations for almost every happy event of their [...]

Women Are Affected By Water Crisis

The water crisis in India is actually a woman’s issue. The problem of water shortage is not only related to the fact that there is more demand and less supply of water but also related to some of the major women’s issues like women’s rights, development, education, health, sanitation and preventable deaths. There is no doubt about the fact that India is facing a severe water shortage problem. Data released by the National Sample Survey [...]

Green Belt Development

Conservation and protection of the environment is every citizen’s duty, environment being an inseparable part of society, culture and heritage. According to the Indian Constitution, it is the duty of the State and the people to ‘safeguard and improve the environment and to protect the forests and wildlife of the country’. Following lots of sponsored discussions, accusations of politician-industry nexus and a series of doubtful enactments over the years, now a four-member committee was constituted [...]

Kudos and brickbats for Indian Army in Kashmir flood relief

This is one of the worst floods in Indian history and is still continuing. Yes, the floods in Jammu and Kashmir have been unprecedented. More than 460 people died, around 1 million people have been evacuated and many still await help. The heroes engaged in the relief operations are our khaki and olive green brothers in the Indian Army and their counterparts in the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, and the National Disaster Response Force. [...]

Love is a beautiful feeling that liberates the world from the constraints of life. Love sees no boundaries; it is beyond the limits of society. These are such consoling words if they are being read, but when it comes to applying them in real, love becomes a big issue in our society! Our society turns out to be extremely conservative while talking about emotions like love. Love has always been the reason of concern for [...]

It is a very common sight on Delhi roads, a woman riding a scooter or a woman pillion-rider, not wearing a helmet. Wearing helmets for women was optional for all these years in Delhi. But not any more. Of course, excepting Sikhs. When in 1998 the Delhi Government made wearing helmet compulsory for all men and women on motorcycles and scooters, there was lot of opposition from the Sikh community as a result of which [...]

Shweta Prasad

Do you remember Shweta Prasad? The little girl from the popular teleserial Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki who gradually moved to some well-known movies like Iqbal and Makdee has been in the news recently. This National Film Award winner in 2002 for Best Child Artist for her performance in the movie Makdee was caught in a prostitution racket in a posh hotel in Hyderabad city and was arrested. She is now at a rehabilitation home in a [...]

Mysore Traffic Improvement Project

  The Mysore Traffic Improvement Project (M-TRAC) is a 5-year plan project announced in the state budget just a few months back. This project is on the same lines as the Bangalore Traffic Improvement Project (B-TRAC) launched in 2010. The basic idea is to control and manage traffic and enforce traffic rules in the Mysore city as it is increasingly facing vehicular traffic density. A detailed project report (DPR) was submitted on traffic improvement by [...]

PM Narendra Modi Speech on Teachers' Day

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday is celebrated on 5th September as Teachers’ Day all across the country since 1962. Instead of celebrating his own birthday, the first Vice President of India and the second President of India requested everyone to celebrate his birthday as a day solely dedicated for the teachers and that would be the greatest birthday gift for him. Since then, we are celebrating Teachers’ Day on 5th September. In most schools, Teachers’ Day [...]

On 2nd September 2014, Indian State, Karnataka for the first time in the country came up with a new concept of launching “Health Adalat” in all the districts of the state. The basic idea behind the launch is to address the many health-related problems and issues that the people of the State is facing and how these problems can be solved at the grass-roots level. Health and Family Welfare Minister UT Khader stated that he [...]