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Talatal Ghar in Assam

Location: Rangpur, near Sivasagar, Assam Largest among all Ahom monuments, the Talatal Ghar in Assam was initially built as an army base. It is located near Rang Ghar (yet another specimen of Ahom architecture) and was built by Rajeswara Singha. Talatal Ghar has three storeys that are underground (closed for tourists) and four above the ground. The ground floor had store rooms, stables and servant quarters, while the upper floors were for the royal family. [...]

Rang Ghar

Location: Sivasagar, Assam Rang Ghar is a double storeyed structure from the historical treasures of Asom (Assam) and was built by Ahom King, Swargadeo Pramatta Singha in the 18th Century. This 10 meters high, royal, sports pavilion was constructed to watch cultural programmes and traditional games like buffalo and elephant fights, especially organized during Bihu Festival. The entrance of the Rang Ghar has two beautiful stone-carved crocodile structures on either sides, whereas, the roof of [...]