Moin-ul-Haque Stadium

The "Moin-ul-Haque" cricket stadium is located in the eastern part of Bihar. Situated in the capital of Bihar, the Moin-ul-Haque Stadium is the second largest cricket ground of our country.

The greenery of the stadium along with its huge size, enhances and energizes the sportsman spirit of the cricket players. The cricket ground of Patna has an excellent pitch for playing. The stadium is equipped with all the modern amenities that makes the Moin-ul-Haque stadium one of the best of its kind in the world.

The Moin-ul-Haque stadium was built in 1969-70. This part of Bihar has produced many cricket stars, which has prompted the Government of the state and the regional cricket association to build a stadium that would further boast the budding cricketers. The Moin-ul-Haque stadium has a "Turf" pitch that follows the international standard. The cricket ground has a well maintained "Dressing Room" for the players that allows them to take proper physical and mental rest before any important match. The dressing rooms of the players are equipped with proper gymnasiums, beds to take rest, and well maintained toilets. The cricket ground also has "Pavilion" or "Club House" where the players can watch the match along with important dignatories and few eminent personalities. The stadium also has an excellent sitting arrangement for the cricket lovers. The cricket ground can accommodate about 25,000 viewers at a single point of time.

The first international match was between Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe on 15th November, 1993. From that time many international cricket matches were played in the ground. The Moin-ul-Haque Cricket Stadium has earned international fame and is said to be one of the best cricketing grounds of our country.

Last Updated on 29/05/2013