Jalandhar Pin Code

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LocationPincode State District
Adampur Ad144103 PunjabJalandhar
Adampur Doaba144102 PunjabJalandhar
Adarman144041 PunjabJalandhar
Adarsh Nagar144008 PunjabJalandhar
Adda Kathar144106 PunjabJalandhar
Akbarpur Kalan144041 PunjabJalandhar
Alawalpur144301 PunjabJalandhar
Apra144416 PunjabJalandhar
Athola144002 PunjabJalandhar
Atti144418 PunjabJalandhar
Bal144012 PunjabJalandhar
Baloki144041 PunjabJalandhar
Bara Pind144418 PunjabJalandhar
Bara Sidhpur144040 PunjabJalandhar
Basti Bawa khel144021 PunjabJalandhar
Basti Danishmanda144002 PunjabJalandhar
Basti Guzan144002 PunjabJalandhar
Basti Nau144002 PunjabJalandhar
Basti Sheikh144002 PunjabJalandhar
Bazar Nauhrian144008 PunjabJalandhar
Bazar Shahidan144001 PunjabJalandhar
Beas Pind144302 PunjabJalandhar
Behram Sarista144201 PunjabJalandhar
Bhagat Bazar144008 PunjabJalandhar
Bhallowal144039 PunjabJalandhar
Bhandal Himmat144039 PunjabJalandhar
Bhargava Camp144003 PunjabJalandhar
Bharsingpura144419 PunjabJalandhar
Bhatnura Lubana144201 PunjabJalandhar
Bhodipur144040 PunjabJalandhar
Bhogpur144201 PunjabJalandhar
Bhojowal144101 PunjabJalandhar
Bhullar144040 PunjabJalandhar
Bikrampura144008 PunjabJalandhar
Billi Chuharmi144040 PunjabJalandhar
Binpalke144201 PunjabJalandhar
Birbansian144409 PunjabJalandhar
Bolina Doaba144101 PunjabJalandhar
Bsf Campus jalandhar cantt144006 PunjabJalandhar
Budhiana144025 PunjabJalandhar
Bulanda144041 PunjabJalandhar
Crpf Campus sarai khas144805 PunjabJalandhar
Chachrari144409 PunjabJalandhar
Chak Chela144701 PunjabJalandhar
Chak Desraj144418 PunjabJalandhar
Chamiara144002 PunjabJalandhar
Charanjitpura144008 PunjabJalandhar
Chhokran144029 PunjabJalandhar
Chitti144028 PunjabJalandhar
Chogittie144009 PunjabJalandhar
Cholang144201 PunjabJalandhar
Chuheki144039 PunjabJalandhar
Chukhiara144106 PunjabJalandhar
Civil Secretariate144002 PunjabJalandhar
D.G.nakoder144040 PunjabJalandhar
Dakoha144023 PunjabJalandhar
Damunda144103 PunjabJalandhar
Danewal144041 PunjabJalandhar
Daroli Kalan144104 PunjabJalandhar
Daroli Khurd144104 PunjabJalandhar
Daulatpur Dhadde144701 PunjabJalandhar
Dav College144008 PunjabJalandhar
Dayalpur144419 PunjabJalandhar
Dhaleta144418 PunjabJalandhar
Dhanowali144010 PunjabJalandhar
Dhariwal144002 PunjabJalandhar
Dhesian Sangh144409 PunjabJalandhar
Dhogri144025 PunjabJalandhar
Dingrian144102 PunjabJalandhar
Dolike Sunderpur144302 PunjabJalandhar
Dosanj Kalan144502 PunjabJalandhar
Duhre144302 PunjabJalandhar
Fentonganj144001 PunjabJalandhar
G R d road144004 PunjabJalandhar
G.M. nurmahal144039 PunjabJalandhar
Gakhlan144002 PunjabJalandhar
Ganachaur144511 PunjabJalandhar
Gandhran144040 PunjabJalandhar
Garha144022 PunjabJalandhar
General Bus stand144001 PunjabJalandhar
Ghurial144106 PunjabJalandhar
Gill Seowal144701 PunjabJalandhar
Gohawar144409 PunjabJalandhar
Goraya144409 PunjabJalandhar
Grain Market144008 PunjabJalandhar
Gumtala144039 PunjabJalandhar
Gumtali144039 PunjabJalandhar
Guru Amar dass nagar144008 PunjabJalandhar
Haripur144041 PunjabJalandhar
Haripur Khalsa144410 PunjabJalandhar
Haripur Sirowal144102 PunjabJalandhar
Hazara144025 PunjabJalandhar
Hellor144013 PunjabJalandhar
Herian144511 PunjabJalandhar
Hoshiarpur Road144004 PunjabJalandhar
Ind Area phillaur144410 PunjabJalandhar
Ind Town144004 PunjabJalandhar
Isharwal144102 PunjabJalandhar
Jaitewali144025 PunjabJalandhar
Jalandhar Cantt144005 PunjabJalandhar
Jalandhar City144001 PunjabJalandhar
Jalbhe144106 PunjabJalandhar
Jalowal144303 PunjabJalandhar
Jamsher144020 PunjabJalandhar
Jandir144201 PunjabJalandhar
Jandu Singha144025 PunjabJalandhar
Kahlinan144805 PunjabJalandhar
Kala Bakra144303 PunjabJalandhar
Kalra144030 PunjabJalandhar
Kalyanpur144026 PunjabJalandhar
Kandhala Guru144303 PunjabJalandhar
Kandola144103 PunjabJalandhar
Kandola Kalan144039 PunjabJalandhar
Kang Jagir144418 PunjabJalandhar
Kangnah144701 PunjabJalandhar
Kapur Pind144025 PunjabJalandhar
Kariana144410 PunjabJalandhar
Kartarpur144801 PunjabJalandhar
Khaira144410 PunjabJalandhar
Khambra144026 PunjabJalandhar
Khanpur Dhadde144701 PunjabJalandhar
Khurdpur144102 PunjabJalandhar
Khurla144003 PunjabJalandhar
Khusropur144024 PunjabJalandhar
Kingra Chowala144201 PunjabJalandhar
Kishangarh144301 PunjabJalandhar
Kishanpur144302 PunjabJalandhar
Kohala144002 PunjabJalandhar
Kot Badal khan144039 PunjabJalandhar
Kotla144106 PunjabJalandhar
Kotli Than singh144101 PunjabJalandhar
Kukar Pind144024 PunjabJalandhar
Ladhewali144007 PunjabJalandhar
Ladhra144201 PunjabJalandhar
Lajpat Nagar144001 PunjabJalandhar
Lallian144028 PunjabJalandhar
Lambra144026 PunjabJalandhar
Landhran144419 PunjabJalandhar
Laroi144201 PunjabJalandhar
Laroya144201 PunjabJalandhar
Lidhran144040 PunjabJalandhar
Lohar Partapura144026 PunjabJalandhar
Loharan144201 PunjabJalandhar
Lohian144629 PunjabJalandhar
Lyalpur Khalsa college144001 PunjabJalandhar
M R d pura144403 PunjabJalandhar
Madar144025 PunjabJalandhar
Madhopur144201 PunjabJalandhar
Mahal144409 PunjabJalandhar
Majara Nau abad144511 PunjabJalandhar
Malko Tarar144026 PunjabJalandhar
Malo Mazara144029 PunjabJalandhar
Malri144040 PunjabJalandhar
Malsian144701 PunjabJalandhar
Malupur144701 PunjabJalandhar
Manakrai144201 PunjabJalandhar
Mand144013 PunjabJalandhar
Mandi144416 PunjabJalandhar
Manjit Nagar144002 PunjabJalandhar
Manko144106 PunjabJalandhar
Mansurpur144418 PunjabJalandhar
Massani144416 PunjabJalandhar
Mathada Kalan144409 PunjabJalandhar
Mathada Khurd144409 PunjabJalandhar
Mehatpur144041 PunjabJalandhar
Millitary Hospital144005 PunjabJalandhar
Mithapur144022 PunjabJalandhar
Model House144003 PunjabJalandhar
Model Town144003 PunjabJalandhar
Mohadipur144102 PunjabJalandhar
Moron144029 PunjabJalandhar
Motor Terminas nakoder144040 PunjabJalandhar
Muridwal144701 PunjabJalandhar
Mustafapur144801 PunjabJalandhar
N R colony144001 PunjabJalandhar
Nagar144410 PunjabJalandhar
Nagra144013 PunjabJalandhar
Najka144102 PunjabJalandhar
Nakoder144040 PunjabJalandhar
Nakoder Mandi144040 PunjabJalandhar
Nangal Shama144007 PunjabJalandhar
Naugajja144301 PunjabJalandhar
Nawanpind Jattan144040 PunjabJalandhar
Nihaluwal144701 PunjabJalandhar
Nurmahal144039 PunjabJalandhar
Nurpur144040 PunjabJalandhar
Nussi144004 PunjabJalandhar
P T s phillaur144410 PunjabJalandhar
Pachranga144201 PunjabJalandhar
Paddi Jagir144409 PunjabJalandhar
Padhiana144030 PunjabJalandhar
Pandori Khas144040 PunjabJalandhar
Pandori Nijjran144102 PunjabJalandhar
Pap Lines jalandhar cantt144006 PunjabJalandhar
Parasrampur144101 PunjabJalandhar
Parjian Kalan144041 PunjabJalandhar
Patara144101 PunjabJalandhar
Patial144201 PunjabJalandhar
Phalpota144418 PunjabJalandhar
Phambra144417 PunjabJalandhar
Phillaur144410 PunjabJalandhar
Phoolpur Dhanal144026 PunjabJalandhar
Phophliwar144022 PunjabJalandhar
Phul Gudewal144629 PunjabJalandhar
Preet Nagar144004 PunjabJalandhar
Qadian Wali144020 PunjabJalandhar
Rahimpur144801 PunjabJalandhar
Railway Road144001 PunjabJalandhar
Raipur Dhaba144511 PunjabJalandhar
Raipur Rasulpur144012 PunjabJalandhar
Rajpur144201 PunjabJalandhar
Ram Nagar144008 PunjabJalandhar
Rama Mandi144005 PunjabJalandhar
Ramewal144039 PunjabJalandhar
Randhawa Masanda144004 PunjabJalandhar
Rasta Mohalla144001 PunjabJalandhar
Ratinda144029 PunjabJalandhar
Rec Jalandhar144011 PunjabJalandhar
Reru144012 PunjabJalandhar
Rohjari144303 PunjabJalandhar
Rupewali144701 PunjabJalandhar
Rurka Khurd144409 PunjabJalandhar
S U s nagar144001 PunjabJalandhar
Sadana144303 PunjabJalandhar
Sadar Bazar jalandhar cantt144005 PunjabJalandhar
Saidowal144039 PunjabJalandhar
Salala144102 PunjabJalandhar
Samipur144026 PunjabJalandhar
Samrai144418 PunjabJalandhar
Sanaura144201 PunjabJalandhar
Sangowal144041 PunjabJalandhar
Sansarpur144024 PunjabJalandhar
Sant Nagar144001 PunjabJalandhar
Sarai Khas144805 PunjabJalandhar
Sargundi144409 PunjabJalandhar
Sarobad144106 PunjabJalandhar
Session Court144001 PunjabJalandhar
Shadipur144039 PunjabJalandhar
Shahpur144041 PunjabJalandhar
Shahpur Bhattian144410 PunjabJalandhar
Shakti Nagar144001 PunjabJalandhar
Sheikhe Pind144025 PunjabJalandhar
Sikandarpur144301 PunjabJalandhar
Singhpur144041 PunjabJalandhar
Sodal Road jal144004 PunjabJalandhar
Sofi Pind144024 PunjabJalandhar
Suranussi Od144027 PunjabJalandhar
Tajpur144026 PunjabJalandhar
Talhan144101 PunjabJalandhar
Tandaura144041 PunjabJalandhar
Tehang144410 PunjabJalandhar
Thalla144419 PunjabJalandhar
Tower Town colony144014 PunjabJalandhar
Tut Kalan144040 PunjabJalandhar
Ucha144102 PunjabJalandhar
Udhopur144020 PunjabJalandhar
Udhowal144041 PunjabJalandhar
Umarpur Kalan144039 PunjabJalandhar
Umarwal Billa144041 PunjabJalandhar
Uppal Bhupa144039 PunjabJalandhar
Uppal Jagir144039 PunjabJalandhar
Urban Estate144022 PunjabJalandhar
Wadala144003 PunjabJalandhar

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