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LocationPincode State District
Abul Khurana152114 PunjabMuktsar
Adhnian152114 PunjabMuktsar
Akalgarh152026 PunjabMuktsar
Alamwala151210 PunjabMuktsar
Aspal151210 PunjabMuktsar
Assa Buttar152025 PunjabMuktsar
Badal152113 PunjabMuktsar
Badian152112 PunjabMuktsar
Ballamgarh152026 PunjabMuktsar
Bam152032 PunjabMuktsar
Banwala152113 PunjabMuktsar
Bariwala152025 PunjabMuktsar
Bathai152026 PunjabMuktsar
Bhagsar152026 PunjabMuktsar
Bhagwanpur152107 PunjabMuktsar
Bhaika Khera152115 PunjabMuktsar
Bhalaiana152101 PunjabMuktsar
Bhallerian152112 PunjabMuktsar
Bhang Chari152032 PunjabMuktsar
Bhitti Wala152113 PunjabMuktsar
Bhullar152031 PunjabMuktsar
Bhundar152112 PunjabMuktsar
Bhutti Wala152025 PunjabMuktsar
Bodi Wala151210 PunjabMuktsar
Burj Sidhwan152107 PunjabMuktsar
Buttar Sarinh152031 PunjabMuktsar
Chak Duhe wala152032 PunjabMuktsar
Chak Gilze wala152032 PunjabMuktsar
Chak Mahabaddar152032 PunjabMuktsar
Chak Shere wala152032 PunjabMuktsar
Channu152101 PunjabMuktsar
Chhapian Wali152107 PunjabMuktsar
Chhattiana152031 PunjabMuktsar
Dabwali Dhab152115 PunjabMuktsar
Dabwali Rahurianwali152107 PunjabMuktsar
Daula152101 PunjabMuktsar
Daula Kingra152114 PunjabMuktsar
Deon Khera152114 PunjabMuktsar
Dhigana152032 PunjabMuktsar
Doda152031 PunjabMuktsar
Ena Khera152112 PunjabMuktsar
Faqarsar152107 PunjabMuktsar
Fatehpur Minian152114 PunjabMuktsar
Fatuhi Khera152113 PunjabMuktsar
Ghagga152101 PunjabMuktsar
Ghari Sangar152031 PunjabMuktsar
Ghumiara151211 PunjabMuktsar
Ghumiara Khera152107 PunjabMuktsar
Gidderbaha152101 PunjabMuktsar
Goniana Village152026 PunjabMuktsar
Gurusar152112 PunjabMuktsar
Gurusar Jodhe ka152115 PunjabMuktsar
Haku Wala151211 PunjabMuktsar
Hari Ke kalan152025 PunjabMuktsar
Husnar152101 PunjabMuktsar
Jand Wala chadat singh152107 PunjabMuktsar
Jhabel Wali152026 PunjabMuktsar
Jhurar152112 PunjabMuktsar
Kabar Wala151210 PunjabMuktsar
Kandu Khera152113 PunjabMuktsar
Karampatti151210 PunjabMuktsar
Kattianwali151210 PunjabMuktsar
Kauni152031 PunjabMuktsar
Khane Ki dhab152112 PunjabMuktsar
Khara152025 PunjabMuktsar
Khema Khera152115 PunjabMuktsar
Khokhar152025 PunjabMuktsar
Khuddian Gulab singh152113 PunjabMuktsar
Khunana Kalan152112 PunjabMuktsar
Killianwali151211 PunjabMuktsar
Kot Bhai152101 PunjabMuktsar
Kuraiwala152112 PunjabMuktsar
Kuttian Wali152114 PunjabMuktsar
Lakhewali152026 PunjabMuktsar
Lakkarwala152112 PunjabMuktsar
Lalbai152101 PunjabMuktsar
Lambi152113 PunjabMuktsar
Lohara151211 PunjabMuktsar
Lubania Wali152026 PunjabMuktsar
Madhir152101 PunjabMuktsar
Madrassa152026 PunjabMuktsar
Mahabaddar152032 PunjabMuktsar
Mahuana152114 PunjabMuktsar
Mallan152031 PunjabMuktsar
Malout152107 PunjabMuktsar
Malout Village152107 PunjabMuktsar
Malwala Katorewala152112 PunjabMuktsar
Mandi Killianwali151211 PunjabMuktsar
Mangatker152026 PunjabMuktsar
Mani Ka khera152115 PunjabMuktsar
Mann152113 PunjabMuktsar
Mehna152113 PunjabMuktsar
Mhr Malout152107 PunjabMuktsar
Midda151210 PunjabMuktsar
Middu Khera151211 PunjabMuktsar
Mohlan151210 PunjabMuktsar
Muktsar152026 PunjabMuktsar
Muktsar Kty152026 PunjabMuktsar
Nand Garh152026 PunjabMuktsar
Ngm Muktsar152026 PunjabMuktsar
Pakki151210 PunjabMuktsar
Panjawa152113 PunjabMuktsar
Panni Wala fatta151210 PunjabMuktsar
Peori152101 PunjabMuktsar
Phullu Khera152114 PunjabMuktsar
Rahurian Wali152026 PunjabMuktsar
Ram Nagar152112 PunjabMuktsar
Rani Wala151210 PunjabMuktsar
Ratherian152114 PunjabMuktsar
Ratta Khera151210 PunjabMuktsar
Ratta Tibba151210 PunjabMuktsar
Roran Wali152113 PunjabMuktsar
Rupana152032 PunjabMuktsar
Sahib Chand152101 PunjabMuktsar
Sammewali152026 PunjabMuktsar
Sanghudhon152026 PunjabMuktsar
Sarai Naga152025 PunjabMuktsar
Sarawan Bodla151210 PunjabMuktsar
Sehna Khera152114 PunjabMuktsar
Sham Khera152115 PunjabMuktsar
Sikh Wala152113 PunjabMuktsar
Singhewala152113 PunjabMuktsar
Sotha152032 PunjabMuktsar
Sukhana Ablu152031 PunjabMuktsar
Sure Wala152025 PunjabMuktsar
Tamkot152032 PunjabMuktsar
Tappa Khera152114 PunjabMuktsar
Tarkhan Wala152112 PunjabMuktsar
Tarmala152115 PunjabMuktsar
Thandewala152026 PunjabMuktsar
Tharaj Wala152101 PunjabMuktsar
Udekaran152026 PunjabMuktsar
Urang151210 PunjabMuktsar
Virk Khera152107 PunjabMuktsar
Warring Khera151211 PunjabMuktsar

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Last Updated on : November 30, 2015



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