How to reach Pondicherry

The tropical paradise of the union territory of Pondicherry transports tourists back to an Utopian Elysium. The quaint towns that are shrouded in age-old history are a major tourist draw. However need not trouble themselves with the mind-boggling question of how to reach Pondicherry anymore.

A host of travel agents, tourism offices and tour operators have provided seemingly easy travel options to boost tourism in the puny union territory. Although small in size, Pondicherry has plenty to offer to tourists. There are in fact a multitude of options that tourists can choose from in order to reach the coastal territory.

The best and simplest option that tourists can avail is if they travel down to Pondicherry is by road. Pondicherry is linked by an excellent network of arterial roads that link all the corners of the union territory. The total road length is divided into 459 km of surfaced roads, 10 k m of unsurfaced roads and 23 km of national highways that connect Pondicherry with the rest of the country.

The net railway length is approximately 27 km. Although the railway infrastructure is only moderately developed occasional trains do travel too and from the city. The Vayudoot air services operating from the union territory's capital, Pondicherry town facilitates air travel. Tourists can even fly down to the Chennai or Tiruchirapalli airports and then drive to Pondicherry, soaking in the breathtaking locales.

Airport Map of Pondicherry
Airport Map of Pondicherry
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*Map showing the airport location in Pondicherry. Disclaimer


The picturesque union territory of Pondicherry, strategically located in South India is the proud owner of a single airport in its capital, Pondicherry town. The Pondicherry airport however is solely a domestic airport. International tourists have to drive down to the state after landing at the Chennai, Bangalore or Cochin international airports.

Pondicherry Airport has scheduled regular flights to the leading Indian cities. The airport is recognized universally by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) code PNY as well as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) code VOPC. The public airport functioning under the jurisdiction of the Airports Authority of India has excellent asphalt runways of approximate length 3983 feet and elevation 118 feet.

Nearly 15 years back, the Pondicherry airport ceased to operate passenger flights. However, the airport has again been opened recently and the ramshackle conditions have been improved with the old rusty equipment being replaced by a new X-Ray scanning machine and Category-3 firefighting equipment. Jagson Airlines is planning to schedule regular flights to the union territory. Vayudoot Air Services also operates regularly from Pondicherry and thereby facilitates air travel.

Tourists who are unsure of how to reach Pondicherry can also fly down to the nearby Tiruchripalli or Chennai airports and then drive down to the city.

Pondicherry airport promises state of the art services and punctuality makes it a real delight to coastal union territory that is certain to enchant tourists by their magical offerings.. Although the state has a solitary airport, the Pondicherry airport single handedly and rather adeptly takes care of a mammoth passenger as well as freight traffic.


Pondicherry is a Union Territory in the country of India. There are several flights to Pondicherry, which was previously a French-held territory.

Commercial passenger flights were discontinued from Pondicherry approximately fifteen years ago. This was due to the lack of sufficient infrastructure and equipment. Thereafter, only trainer aircrafts were allowed to operate there.

As the commercial capacity of Pondicherry grew, a need was felt for reopening the airport for transport of both passengers and cargo, to and fro from Pondicherry. Thus, the flights to Pondicherry started from 14th June, 2006 with Jagson Airlines operating propeller-driven Dornier aircraft. Schedules were also drawn up for flights to Chennai, Tirupati and Bangalore, now called Bengaluru. The maiden flight was scheduled for Tirupati.

Although, the infrastructure capacity of Pondicherry Airport was not at par with the best in the country, it has a medium four thousand feet runway and the standard Type 3 firefighting system. The X-Ray machines to scan luggage are also available. The four thousand feet runway enables the take-offs and landings of propeller-driven aircraft like Dorniers, DC-3s etc.

Pondicherry is strategically located on the southern shores of India, brushing the Bay of Bengal. There's always a steady stream of tourists and disciples from all over the world to the Aurobindo Ashram, and the township Auroville. The flights to Pondicherry facilitates these tourists and businessmen who frequent this place.

In a nutshell, the flights to Pondicherry hold great potential to further the cause of tourism and commerce in this quaint Union Territory.

Last Updated on : 13/06/2013