Shopping in Puducherry

Apart from the spectacular panoramic rhapsodies, the union territory is also a shopper's paradise. Shopping in Pondicherry is a sheer pleasure not only for the shopaholics,but even the pragmatic pennypinchers enjoy picking up assorted merchandise in the duty free union territory.

The subsidized sales tax and the wide availability of a diverse variety of wares attracts multitude of tourists like a bee is to honey. The quintessential Khadi textile as well a host of other fabrics like twill, satin, corduroy, chambray, poplin, oxford and cambric are all a hallmark of the Pondicherry textile that are sold at unbelievable prices. The Anglo-French mills are legendary for churning out crinkle free printed cotton.

Pottery is another talking point of Pondicherry shopping. Pondicherry town and Auroville are famed for the splendid ceramic works that evince the creative genius of the local craftsmen. The archetypal "Golden Bridge" and "Rhinestone Art" are excellent examples of contemporary Pondicherry art.

Another highlight of Pondicherry shopping are the top notch leather products and accessories. The Pondicherry leather products are noted for their high quality, top-end finish and their new, innovative look.

The extraordinary Pondicherry boutiques also offer a wide range of sophisticated designer apparels, accessories, fine silks, candles and incense sticks. The chic and inviting interiors, comfortable furnishings, intrinsic fragrance and plethora of attractive paraphernalia are a rage with tourists.


Pondicherry is a shopper's paradise. The tourists from other parts of the country, love to shop from the boutiques in Pondicherry. Shopping in Pondicherry is an experience in itself. The customers can choose from a number of items. The ambiance of the boutiques in Pondicherry are very welcoming and suitable for shopping.

The boutiques in Pondicherry, India cater to the tastes of every age group. The boutiques have wide range of products to choose from. In the Pondicherry boutiques, the customers will find garments, jewelry made of stones, perfumed candles, exclusive silk dresses, perfumes and products related to aromatherapy. The garments are designed according to the global standards and sewn with utmost care. The customers will also find garments of traditional style. The products sold in the boutiques are exclusive in themselves.

The garments and jewelry sold in the boutiques of Pondicherry are unique and very up-to-date in style and fashion. The boutiques help the young generation of customers to set a style statement of their own. Some of the boutiques also sell handicrafts and antique furnitures of French design.

The shop hoppers will find many well maintained boutiques in Pondicherry. The cordial behavior of the boutique owners is always welcoming. They will help the customers to choose products that will suit their personality. The products in the boutiques are available at affordable prices.

Antique furniture

Antique furniture in Pondicherry is always considered as coveted possession. While shopping in Pondicherry one should not miss to drop in to the outlets selling antique furniture. Not only the local people but even tourists are very much interested in collecting antique furniture from Pondicherry.

Tourists on a tour to Pondicherry can check out with the antique furniture of South India, British and French style. There are shops in this union territory that restores antique pieces of furniture. Tourists or buyers interested in antique furniture can drop into these shops. To find out more about the collection, one may also visit the storehouses for antique furniture.

The characteristic of antique furniture is its grandiose size and design. Most of the time, furniture of olden days are designed intricately. The handiworks of the carpenters of the past years are worth praising. They used wood of very good quality to carve out the furniture.

People or collectors interested in antique furniture reflect their aesthetic tastes and passion for these age old things. But antique furniture need to be taken care of very regularly. The shops selling furniture will provide certain tips regarding proper maintenance of the furniture.

Things aging more than 100 years are considered to be antique. Antique furniture in Pondicherry is a class of its own. It may be expensive but only lovers of antique things can appreciate its value. The demand for age old furniture in Pondicherry will not decrease even with the advent of furniture of contemporary design.

Leather goods

Leather goods of Pondicherry are well known throughout the country. The products are highly in demand even in the international market. The union territory manufactures as well exports the different leather goods. The manufacture of leather goods has become a full fledged industry in the union territory of Pondicherry.

Shopping in Pondicherry is an experience in itself. Tourists visiting the union territory of Pondicherry enjoy shopping while on a holiday. They never miss to buy the different leather products manufactured in Pondicherry. The leather goods sold in Pondicherry has a wide range of variety. These items are very useful and also durable.

The leather goods range from garments including jackets for boys and girls. The leather wallets are very useful and handy. The wallets made from leather come in various designs. They can be bi-fold or tri-fold wallets. The stylish leather belts made in Pondicherry are also top the wardrobe of the young generation.

The young girls love to buy the leather accessories that range from bags and shoes. The leather good manufacturing companies in Pondicherry also manufacture different decorative pieces out of leather. Accessories to go with the traditional Indian dresses are also made in Pondicherry.

The leather goods of Pondicherry are made from good quality leather. The cut and style of the products make them stand apart from others. Pondicherry exports leather goods to countries like Australia, UK, Denmark, USA, Middle East and New Zealand.


While shopping in Pondicherry, one should not miss to buy the hand made crafts. Hand made crafts in Pondicherry are quite popular among the tourists coming to visit this union territory of India. They like to collect them as mementos on their way back home.

The hand made crafts in Pondicherry include a variety of items made by the local people. The customers can choose from handmade candles and incense sticks. Beautiful stone jewelry are also made in Pondicherry. The weavers of Pondicherry are known for weaving textiles. Khadi is the most popular variety of textile in Pondicherry. The other textiles that are hand woven include satin, linen, poplin, corduroy and twill.

The hand made crafts of Pondicherry includes pottery making. The artisans residing in Auroville are very famous for preparing different earthen goods. Other than pottery making, the artisans of Pondicherry are also known for making hand made paper.

Handicrafts of Pondicherry include the products made of cane and wood. The beautiful products are useful and can also be used for decorative purposes. The products range from table lamps, pen stands, trays and table mats. These handmade products come in a very affordable price.

The local people of Pondicherry make hand made bags and belts from leather. The terracotta items are also in demand. The hand painted crockery sets are also bought by tourists from other states of India. The artisans use very colorful motifs and designs while painting the crockery.

Pondicherry Aromatic

In India, Pondicherry aromatic products are in much demand. The union territory has several manufacturing companies for aromatic products. Tourists shopping in Pondicherry should not miss out to buy some of the exclusive products manufactured here.

Among the aromatic products of Pondicherry, cosmetics related to aromatherapy are very much sold. The aromatherapy products are very safe to use and without side effects. The essential oils can be used for curing minor ailments.

Another important item among Pondicherry aromatics is body perfumes and fragrances. These products are reflective of the fine tastes of the people. People can also use the room fresheners that come in different pleasant fragrances. This product is made without causing harm to the environment and is thus eco-friendly.

There are a number of companies in Pondicherry that manufacture aromatic candles. These candles increase the decorative value of one's drawing room. These aromatic candles are often handmade by the local people of Pondicherry. These candles come in different colors, shapes and scents. The beautifully designed candles can be lighted to make any occasion more special. The aromatic candles can even be gifted to near and dear ones.

Pondicherry aromatics include manufacture of fragrant incense sticks. These products are non-toxic and are made from no harmful chemicals. Manufacturing of aromatic candles and incense sticks have no more remained constrained to small scale industries in Pondicherry. Some of the manufacturing companies export these aromatic products to other parts of the country as well as abroad.

Fashions from Auroville

Fashions from Auroville have become a recent hype among the new generation in Pondicherry. Nowadays shopping in Pondicherry includes garments and fashion accessories designed in Auroville. The fashion conscious girls in Pondicherry are no longer only in their traditional attire but they have embraced fashion from across the country.

The older fashions and styles are being replaced by western influences. The older styles are sometimes modified to give a new fashion statement. Starting with the garments to shoes and sandals, the change is very obvious. From the formal and serious look the fashion has turned towards cool and casual attitude.

Auroville in Pondicherry has grown into a fashion center. The ever changing styles and colors help the customers to choose from a variety of items. The color that mainly rules in fashion from Auroville is white. Sometimes with the coming of tourists from different parts of the world influences the fashion and clothing of the people of Pondicherry. Though the older women and men are still comfortable and confident in their traditional dresses, yet a new trend has been set amongst the later generation. But the grace and charm of the traditional attire is never going to die away in Pondicherry.

The moot point of fashion clothing of Auroville is the comfort factor. Whatever the fashion and style may be, the comfort of the buyers is always looked after. Simplicity in clothing is another important factor. Fashion from Auroville has inspired the fashion of Pondicherry. The garments tailored in Auroville are now days exported to other parts of India as well as outside the country.

Last Updated on 30 May 2013

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