Trains to Puri

Reaching Puri by train is quite convenient and is one of the best ways of traveling to this town. There are a number of trains to Puri, which connect this place of tourist attraction with many other important regions of India.

The town of Puri has its own railway station from where a number of trains travel to quite a few major places of India on a regular basis.

The trains to Puri that one can avail at the railway station of the town are good-quality trains, which offer all the basic facilities that are commonly expected by the travelers.

The express trains are some of the best options to reach Puri by rail. These Puri trains directly link up the town with the capital city of India, which is Delhi.

Such trains communicate between Puri and Delhi via Agra or Varanasi. There are some trains that help to travel between Guwahati or Kolkata and Puri.

One of the branch lines of the Indian network of railways called the South Eastern network links up Puri with the states of the southern parts of India.

One can also avail trains that connect Puri to many other important destinations within India from the railway junction that is situated at Bhubaneswar.

The railway junction of Bhubaneswar, which is the capital city of the state of Orissa, is the junction closest to the town. The distance between Puri and the Bhubaneswar railway junction is about 44 kms. It is situated on the Khurda Road.

Last Updated on : 23 June 2011