Nalagarh is the gateway to Himachal Pradesh. Nalagarh was a princely state during the British Raj. At present Nalagarh is a small city in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. Nalagarh was founded by the Chandella Rajputs in 1100AD.

Nalagarh has a hilly topography. The elevation of Nalagarh is 1220 feet above sea-level. Nalagarh is situated at a distance of 300 kilometers from Delhi. It is 40 kilometers from Kalka and 20 kilometers from Rupar.

The climate of Nalagarh is semi-tropical. The summers are hot and the winters dry and wet. Average temperature in the summers could reach 32 degrees centigrade. Strong winds are experienced during the rainy season.

The primary attraction of Nalagarh is the Nalagarh Fort. Nalagarh Fort is located at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas and offers a stunning view of the Shivalik Hills beyond the Sirsa river. The architecture of Nalagarh Fort clearly displays Mughal influence.

The Nalagarh Fort rises over a 20 acre estate of forest land and is built on five levels. Of the five levels, three have manicured lawns.

At present Nalagarh Fort is a quality, well appointed heritage resort.

Nalagarh heritage resort is an ideal place to get away from the urban clamour of modern Indian cities. Recreational activities at Nalagarh Fort include pleasant nature walks in beautiful green surroundings.

The famous Mughal Gardens of Pinjore is only 35 kilometers distant from Nalagarh. Anglers can pass time at the banks of the Gobind Sagar Lake. The religious minded can go to Naina Devi Temple which is situated only 60 kilometers away.

Last Updated on : 25 March 2011

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