Shimla Youth Hostel

The Shimla Youth Hostel provides cheap but quality accommodation for budget travelers. Shimla Youth Hostel is part of the Youth Hostels Association of India and have all the amenities prescribed by YHAI and IYHF.

Shimla Youth Hostel is conveniently located near major transport routes. The bus-stop for Shimla Youth Hostel is Lakkar Bazar which is just 200 meters away from the Shimla Tourist Hostel. The railway station is only 1.5 kilometers away. The visitor may walk from Shimla Youth Hostel to the railway station if desired.

Shimla Youth Hostel provides accommodation where guests are provided with a bed in a dormitory. The guests are required to share a common bathroom among themselves. A few private rooms can also be found in Shimla Youth Hostel.

Shimla Youth Hostel is less formal and considerably cheaper than Shimla Hotels. The main patrons of Shimla Youth Hostel are young travelers on a shoestring budget. Shimla Youth Hostel provides accommodation to persons of either sex and any age group.

Shimla Youth Hostel provide for multicultural interaction and provides an excellent way to make new friends -who comes from all over the globe.

Guests share a common living space and to prevent any theft of baggage, belongings should be kept under lock and key. Efforts should be made by guests to respect other people's privacy-this can be further extended by not making any loud noises at night.

The address of Shimla Youth Hostel is:

Shimla Youth Hostel
Satkar Building, Near Police Post
Lakkar Bazar, The Ridge,
Shimla - 171 001.
Telephone: 0177- 28001462, 2812628, 2657963

Last Updated on : 25 March 2011

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