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Wooden Furniture in Faridabad

A distinguished name in the furniture manufacturing domain, we have been recognized among the renowned manufacturers of wooden furniture in Faridabad. Ours is an ISO 9001:2000 certified organization which manufactures the complete range of wooden furniture to cater the needs of various industries across Faridabad.

We manufacture various types of wooden furniture in Faridabad, which include Open Office Systems, Wooden Reception Desk, Wooden Director Desk and Wooden Conference Desk. We also manufacture Call Center Furniture, Bank Wooden Furniture, Corporate Office Furniture, Retail Chain Wooden Furniture and Ergonomic Furniture in Faridabad.

Our major wooden furniture range is described below.

Open Office Systems

Open Office Systems We manufacture a wide range of open office systems and furniture at our furniture manufacturing unit in Faridabad. We manufacture open office furniture both in wood and steel, which are available both in standalone and combined designs. The open office wooden furniture manufactured by us has been in common use across Faridabad for the last decade.

We manufacture wooden furniture using premium quality wood like Rosewood, Shesham, Fir, Deodar and Fir etc. our wooden furniture range is processed so as to resist termite attacks. Moreover, we manufacture wooden furniture as per the climatic conditions in India.


Reception Desk

Reception Desk We manufacture wooden reception desks which have become quite popular across corporate offices in Faridabad and other locations across India. Wooden furniture manufactured for the reception desk range comes in a distinctive gloss to impart elegance.

Our reception desk range is available in a range of designs, which is manufactured using seasoned plywood. Wooden polishing is provided on our reception desks, which is to ensure easy cleaning. Our wooden furniture manufacturing facility in Faridabad is equipped with special purpose tools and equipment for manufacturing wooden reception desks.


Director Desk

Director Desk Our wooden furniture range, manufactured in Faridabad, features large king size wooden desks which are provided with multiple drawers, along with slotting for concealed wiring. We manufacture director desk using superior grade heavy wood which is seasoned and prepared before cutting, fixing and shaping.

We provide premium body varnish on our wooden Director Desk series, which is to prolog the durability and life of wood. Moreover, the desks are designed and manufactured in darker wooden shades so as to impart a blend of aesthetic appeal and distinctive authority.


Conference Desk

Conference Desk Sentiment Furniture Systems Pvt. Ltd. is well known in Faridabad for manufacturing premium quality wooden conference desks. We manufacture wooden conference furniture and desks which are available in Round, Oval and Rectangular board. Intended for seating a greater number of people, we emphasize on manufacturing conference desks using seasoned hardwood using robust features.

Throughout Faridabad, we can safely say that our wooden conference furniture desks are being used in a major proportion.


BPO / Call Center Furniture

BPO / Call Center Furniture Understanding the present requirement of the mushrooming BPO industry in Faridabad and India at large, we are manufacturing a special line of wooden furniture for call centers. These are manufactured in Faridabad using seasoned wood or plywood and are designed so as to accommodate both the user and individual workstations.

We manufacture BPO furniture in simple ergonomic designs so as to accommodate larger people per unit floor area, and with complete comfort. We also manufacture caster wheel chairs with stuffed cushions for comfortable long working hours.


Bank Furniture

Bank Furniture We manufacture wooden furniture in Faridabad, which specially features our bank furniture range. Our bank furniture range comprises wooden furniture with glass cubicle designs for accommodating a greater number of officials. We manufacture special purpose desks which have drawer sets for keeping folders and documents safely.

Apart from manufacturing bank furniture for seating official, we also manufacture wooden cupboard for storing files and important documents. Moreover, the whole furniture range is designed and manufactured ergonomically to accommodate workforce and machines comfortably.


Corporate Office Furniture

Corporate Office Furniture Our corporate office furniture range comprises desks, chairs, and conference room furniture. We manufacture superior quality corporate furniture using premium wood types, which are seasoned for higher durability and enhanced aesthetic features.

The corporate office furniture range, manufactured by us in Faridabad, features Ergonomic Desks, Chairs, stuffed chairs, Round desks, and Oval Desks etc. Corporate office furniture range is incorporated with aesthetic features on primary basis.


Retail Chain Furniture

Retail Chain Furniture Our retail chain furniture range features long wooden desks with wooden and glass partitions. We use premium quality wood for storing commodities safely, while displaying them clearly to customers.

At our wooden furniture manufacturing facility in Faridabad, we use superior quality wood and seasoned laminates for manufacturing retail chain furniture.


Ergonomic Seating Systems

Ergonomic Seating Systems We manufacture ergonomic seating systems which are manufactured using composite wood, solid wood and steel. Ergonomic seating systems are focused on saving per unit floor space taken by utilities and workforce.

We manufacture ergonomic seating systems using innovative design features. The primary motive of this range of wooden furniture is to save space without compromising the comfort level of the occupants. Ergonomic seating systems manufactured by us have become quite popular throughout offices across Faridabad and other locations in India.