KAFF Appliances

Which goods are categorized as KAFF Appliances?

The wide range of kitchen wares as well as varied home appliances manufactured and promoted by the Gurgaon based KAFF Appliances (India) Private Limited are mainly known as the KAFF Appliances.

What are the different kinds of KAFF Appliances?

The huge variety of appliances manufactured by KAFF can be divided into three distinctive heads, which are as follows:
  • Accessories
  • Appliances
  • Hardware

What is the specialty of these appliances?

Apart from their attractive appearance, the varied appliances of KAFF are user friendly, reliable to use, involves simple installation and entirely useful. These home appliances are said to be one of the most likeable and comprehensive variety of products available in the national as well as international markets. Besides adding a trendy look to your home, the innovative and up-to-date accessories make your household work more convenient.

What are the different kinds of appliances offered by KAFF?

KAFF appliances mainly based on kitchen wares offer a wide range of items to make your work easy inside the kitchen. Besides keeping your kitchen neat and clean as well as organized, these varied appliances brought to you by KAFF helps you in cooking as well. These kitchen appliances of KAFF have got distinctive sub-divisions, which are mentioned below:
  1. Built-in Hobs: Built-in Hobs from KAFF are mainly gas ovens. These ovens comes in stylish designs along with 3 to 5 burners depending upon the design, which helps you cook more items simultaneously.

  2. Built-in Microwaves: Apart from the gas ovens mentioned earlier, KAFF even manufactures built-in microwave ovens with accessories like convection, steam and grill. The other features of these ovens include:
    • 1000 W to 1200 Wgrill
    • 1350 W convection
    • Big led display
    • Grey cavity
    • Panels and door made of stainless steel

  3. Built-in Ovens: KAFF manufactures an array of ovens with multi-functionalities. Some of the well-known features of these ovens are:
    • Cooling fan
    • Double glass door
    • Drip tray
    • Grill (Variable temperature)
    • Oven tray
    • Rotisserie
    • Steel handle
    • Timer and programmer

  4. Built-in Refrigerator: Built-in refrigerator is a prominent part of KAFF kitchen appliances. The company manufactures single to double door refrigerators with facilities like:
    • Adjustable shelves
    • Bottle rack
    • Door racks
    • Egg tray
    • Ice tray
    • Integrated hinges
    • Interior light
    • Reversible door
    • Silver protection
    • Vegetable racks

  5. Cooker Hoods: Cooker hoods or chimneys manufactured by KAFF have got one of the highest capacity metallic or aluminium motors which help the appliance work silently. The high-suction capacity significantly reduces smoke, grease and smell. Besides these, it even works as a fire resistant. Different types of KAFF Cooker Hoods available in the market are:
    • Essential
    • Exclusive
    • Island
    • Mid Range

  6. Cooking Ranges: KAFF offers varied modern cooking ranges. These stainless steel bodied cooking appliances have got facilities like:
    • Adjustable legs
    • Digital display
    • Dish warmer
    • Drip tray
    • Electronic control
    • Grill
    • Oven light
    • Push button operation
    • Rotisserie
    • Thermostat
    • Timer
    • Triple flamed multiple gas burners
    • Wire shelf

  7. Dishwashers: KAFF Dishwashers minimize a part of your kitchen work and help you clean the used dishes. Made of brush finished stainless steel, these kinds of built-in appliances have got the following functionalities:
    • Adjustable racks
    • Huge basket capacity
    • Filtration systems
    • Low power consumption
    • Numerous washing programmes
    • Rinse indicator
    • Salt indicator
    • Spray arms
    • Water softener

    The mostly used KAFF dishwashers are:
    • K/D BIN 60 Intra
    • K/D WQD 60 SS Quadra

  8. Induction Cooktop or Built-in Hobs: Similar to gas built-in hobs, these are induction built-in hobs or cook tops, which help you, cook faster. These appliances use induction heating for cooking though. With one to four cooking points, they have got digital display, push button control system, preset functionality and many more. Moreover, they are flameless.

  9. Outdoor Bar-be-que: KAFF Appliances (India) Pvt. Ltd. is even known for manufacturing outdoor bar-be-que, which are easy to operate and handy to be taken outside your home. With features like temperature meter, auto-ignition, chrome coated grills, metallic shelves and warranty for 1 year, the two kinds of KAFF outdoor bar-be-ques are:
    • Forest
    • Hunter

  10. Ventilating Fans: The ventilating fans manufactured by KAFF come in different modern designs. The key features of those fans include extraction of parametrical air and delivering powerful air, thin body, anti-reflex shutter, easy cleaning and can be fitted on glass windows or walls. Different models of KAFF ventilating fans are:
    • Haus
    • Krup
    • Luft
    • Lyra
    • Modus
    • Onyx
    • Rhein
    • Sven
    • Zepa (Normal and special)

  11. Wine Coolers: Wine coolers are one of the most beautifully designed KAFF appliances. Designed in different modern style and shapes, KAFF wine coolers are known for the following features:
    • Adjustable legs
    • Capacity to hold several bottles (18 to 46 bottles depending upon the model)
    • Steel framed glass door
    • Storage defensor
    • Temperature control done through light
    • Wide wooden shelves

Where to buy KAFF appliances?

KAFF appliances can be bought from any of its dealers located all over the country of India. The company has even got its “After Sales Centers” located at almost every big cities of the nation, who takes care of your appliances post purchase. Besides that they have got regional offices in every zone of India. Their main corporate office is located in Gurgaon though. For any further query, you can call Kaff Care at + 91 – 9910990141.

Last Updated on 11 October 2011