Blood Pressure Monitor in India

When blood is carried from the heart to all the parts of the body through the arteries, there is a pressure that the blood exerts on the walls of the arteries, this pressure is known as blood pressure. Each time the heart beats it pumps out blood into the arteries, this is the time when a person's pressure is high and this high pressure is known as Systolic Pressure and when the heart is at rest that is between beats the blood pressure falls. This is called the Diastolic Pressure.

The blood pressure of an individual is always given in two numbers like 100/80. The top number is the systolic and the bottom number is the diastolic. Both these numbers are very important. The normal blood pressure of an individual should ideally be 120/80. However blood pressure changes during the course of the day. It is lowest when you are asleep and high when you wake up and even higher when you get excited or angry.

Blood Pressure Monitor

A device used to measure the blood pressure of an individual is known as sphygmomanometer. The sphygmomanometer consists of an inflatable cuff which reduces blood flow and a mercury or mechanical manometer to measure the blood pressure.

Maintaining a record of your blood pressure is really important for you and your doctor as well since it will give the doctor information on how your blood pressure changes during the day.

Types of Blood Pressure Monitors

  • Digital Blood Pressure Monitor: This is also known as automatic or electronic blood pressure monitor. Digital Blood Pressure Monitors are available as wrist and arm cuff monitors. They have a simple screen that displays the blood pressure and a button which has to be pressed. The arm cuff monitors are said to be more accurate than the wrist monitors.

  • Pediatric Blood Pressure Monitor: This monitor generally comes with a small cuff and an LCD screen. This monitor is mainly used to measure hypertension in young children who suffer from obesity. . The look of this monitor resembles a videogame which helps to keep the children calm while being diagnosed.

  • Wrist blood pressure monitor: This blood pressure monitor is mostly meant for people suffering from arm fracture and arthritis in the elbow. Wrist blood pressure monitor comes with a cuff, small LCD and a storage case. This is a highly portable device owing to the fact that manufacturers have made the Wrist blood pressure monitor look like a watch. Although this monitor is expensive it still manages to be the preference of a wide range of people.

  • Manual blood pressure monitors or Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitors: This is the most common form of blood pressure monitors found in India. Mostly all the doctors in India use this particular blood pressure monitor in their chambers. Manual blood pressure monitors include an arm cuff, a squeeze bulb for inflation, a stethoscope, and a mechanical manometer to measure the blood pressure. This is by far the best and most accurate blood pressure monitor in India so far.

  • Finger Blood Pressure Monitor: This is a perfect product of modern technology meant for people who suffer from acute blood pressure problems and need to measure blood pressure on a regular basis. This is a light and portable device consisting of a finger cuff and an LCD Screen

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