Health Care Services In India

Health care services in India have undergone a vast change over the last few decades and encompass the entire nation. The industry is expected to supersede China by 2030 in terms of population expansion. Hence, it becomes one of the essential duties of the state to raise the nutrition level, the standard of living of the people together with improving public health.

Health care Industry of India

  • The rapidly increasing health care industry of India is one of country's largest sectors, both in terms of revenue and employment.

  • It has been estimated that the healthcare industry of India is will grow by & 40 billion.

    The continuous increase in the population of India is considered one of the principal reasons for the growth in the healthcare industry of India.

    The rise in the infectious as well as chronic degenerative diseases has contributed to the rise in the healthcare sector of India.

    Additionally, because of diseases like AIDS and several lifestyle diseases of India, the healthcare sector of India will have a constant growth.

Health care Infrastructure

In spite of the fact that the Indian healthcare industry is rapidly expanding, healthcare infrastructure in India is very poor. A noticeable percentage of India suffers from poor standard of healthcare services. Most of the healthcare facilities of India provided by the various healthcare services are limited and of low standard. In order to understand the current status of the healthcare services in India, it is important to know about the different healthcare services found in the country. Public health services, essential public health services, preventive health services, mental healthcare services, home health services, magellen health service and school health services are some of the healthcare services found in India.

Companies providing Health Insurance in India

The various companies providing health insurance policies in India can also be put under the healthcare services of India. Some of the companies that provide health insurance coverage in India are Appollo DKV Insurance Company Ltd., Bajaj Alliance General Insurance Co. Ltd., Birla Sun Life Insurance, Aviva Life Insurance and the like.

Points to note

  • It has been found out that while the private health services have been rising for meet the needs of the rich citizens and foreigners, public health services in India are lagging behind and suffering in a major way.

  • It has also been found out that less than 1% of the GDP is spent on the public health care services in India.

  • Surveys made throughout India points out that 65% of the Indian population cannot access to modern medicines.

  • In addition, a number of drugs and even many diagnostic tests are still unavailable in the public health care sector of India.

  • Most of the hospitals, one of the prime healthcare services in India, are located in the urban areas, thereby making it almost impossible for the rural people to access.

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