Medical Instruments in India

Various medical instruments in India enable the doctors to operate and treat patients successfully. Due to the growing demand for quality treatment and services, a number of manufacturers are dealing with medical instruments in India

Medical instruments industry of India

It is expected that the estimated medical instruments industry of India will rise to US $ 1,236.5 million in 2012 from US $ 2.75 billion in 2008. The rapid growth in the per capita income coupled with adopting of new lifestyles has resulted in a sea change in the medical services all around India. For supporting the alarming demand for quality medical services has consequently resulted in demand for various medical instruments in India.

Types of medical instruments in India

The various medical instruments in India can be classified into different categories that include
  • Microscope
  • Stethoscopes
  • Blades knives for doctor
  • Metallurgical microscopes
  • Pulse oximeters
  • Breath analyzers
  • Medical pumps
  • Spirometer
  • Wheelchairs
  • Surgical garments.
The different medical instruments found in India can also be categorized under Dissecting and Stethoscope, Surgical Kits, Surgical Items, Stainless Stell Wares, Disposable Clothing and Laboratory Items. These different categories are further sub-divided.

  • Microscopes

    There can be over 120 microscopes found in India that include Stereo Microscopes, Advance Research Microscopes, Vernier Microscope, Operating Microscope, Surgical Microscopes and many more.

  • Surgical Instruments

    The surgical instruments that are found in India can be divided into Dissecting forceps, Scissors, Artery forceps, Abdominal instruments, Abdominal surgery instruments, Bone instruments, Tonsil & throat instruments and the like. Among the general medical instruments found in India, some of them include Director Tongue tie, Ear scoop, Biopsy punch forceps and more.

  • Surgical Kits

    The surgical kits used by the Indian doctors are Surgical instrument set major, which is a set of 33 instruments, L.P. set, which is a set of 5 instruments, Craniotomy set, I.U.C.D set, Delivery instrument set.

  • Types of breath analyzers

    The different types of breath analyzers that are found in India are Digital alcohol breath analyzers, breath alcohol screener and many more.

In addition to these, the gamut of surgical items of India also includes Surgical syringes, Surgical gloves, Surgical scissors, Surgical retractors, Surgical forceps, Resustitators, Surgical scalpel and more.
  • Baby Care Medical Equipments

    Some of the baby care medical equipments in India are Baby Incubator, Phototherapy Unit and Foetal Heart Monitor.

Owing to the growing demand for quality medical services, a number of companies are manufacturing medical instruments in India; some of the noted manufacturers would be Prism Gas Detection Pvt. Ltd., based in Goregaon in Mumbai, Eastern Electrical Co, based in New Delhi and more.

  Medical Instruments in India  

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