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BIG FISH, a unit of Five Continent Corporation, is a provider of superior quality aquariums in India, across all the locations. The company offers high end aquariums provided with exotic species of a vast variety of ornamental fishes from some of the most reputed farms and fisheries across the globe. These ornamental aquatic life forms, which include both freshwater fishes and marine fishes, come in a multitude of colors and sizes and, with the activities they perform, can be taken as sure to bring an enchanting experience for any observer.

aquarium in india, aquariums in india, fish aquarium in india, fish aquariums in india, aquarium dealers in delhi BIG FISH is one of the leading providers of imported aquariums with the best quality aquarium accessories, water filtration units, fish food, and maintenance and installation services. The installation and maintenance of fish tanks, and accessories are all performed by their team consisting of industry veterans who come with years of experience in fish farming, fish physiology, feeding behavior, foraging behavior, fish habitat, reproductive behavior, socializing behavior, and interaction with in an artificial environment etc.
BIG FISH believes in the superiority of quality over pricing, which clarifies to state that the company doesn't compromise on quality standards to beat price as most of the their contemporaries are practicing. This philosophy along with their strive for excellence have earned them a position, in both the the domestic and the overseas markets, which is second to none. Having an aquarium at home, office, restaurants and other places not only adds a soothing ambiance to provide for relaxing after a day of hard work but is also believed to bring fortune and good luck to the keepers and those who feed the fishes.
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A well maintained aquarium with an exotic variety of ornamental fishes, placed anywhere like home or office, can impart an ambiance of delight and mirth to the whole surroundings.

Watching these aquatic creatures quietly swimming in blue water and playing “hide & seek” sort of games can really be a stress buster. BIG FISH, the unit of Five Continent Corporation,provides a range of aquariums with a multitude of ornamental fish varieties of all colors and sizes.
Watching fish has clinically proven to reduce stress, stimulate brain activity and lower blood pressure.
Meditation with open eyes with wonders of nature in luxury!
Fish foraging behavior
Wealth Benefits
It has been believed, for long, that keeping fishes at home, offices, or banks etc and feeding them brings good luck and fortune along with health and peace of mind. Moreover, having an aquarium at home or elsewhere imparts an ambiance which definitely is charming for everyone.
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