Visakhapatnam Police

Visakhapatnam police department is one of the most significant government departments of the city. This department looks after the proper maintenance of law and order of the city. Information about this department forms an important part of the basic Visakhapatnam information.

One can seek help from the police of Visakhapatnam in case of any emergency situation related to law and order. The police department of Visakhapatnam offers a number of good-quality services to ensure the safety of the people who live there. Tourists as well as the business travelers can also seek police aid by contacting the police department of Visakhapatnam at times of emergency. Some important telephone numbers pertaining to the police department of Visakhapatnam are given below:
  • Police Control Room: 100, 2565454
  • Police Commissioner (Residence): 2555532
  • Police Commissioner (Office): 2562763
  • DIG (Residence): 2574135
  • DIG (Office): 2554535
  • SP Rural (Residence): 2554431
  • SP Rural (Office): 2551104

The telephone numbers of the police stations of Visakhapatnam under Visakhapatnam police are as follows:
  • I Town: 2563632
  • III Town: 2555517
  • II Town: 2546866
  • V Town: 2558241
  • IV Town: 2546444
  • Bheemunipatnam: 2899533
  • Gajuwaka (Crime): 2517033
  • Gajuwaka (Traffic, Law and Order): 2517071
  • Harbor: 2568140
  • Gopalapatnam: 2820933
  • Pendurthy: 2824233
  • Malkapuram: 2577392
  • Steel Plant: 2587233

Last Updated on: 7/05/2013