Business and Economy

The Indian economy is the fourth largest economy of the world as measured by purchasing power parity (PPP).
India has a diverse economy. The Indian economy includes agriculture, handicrafts, textile, manufacturing, and a large number of services. Although two-thirds of the Indians still earn their livelihood directly or indirectly through agriculture but the service sector is growing rapidly, playing an important role in the growth of India's economy.

Since the early 1990s, reduction of government control on foreign trade and investment has brought in economic reform giving rise to new global markets for investment. The publicly owned industries have been privatized and various areas of private and foreign interests have come up to the forefront. The upcoming industries and big business houses not only bring financial growth to the country but also help to promote the social, educational and cultural development of the nation.

India's top business gurus, industrialists and economists you will find them all in this section.

  Business and Economy  
Businessmen & Industrialists
Cyrus Pallonji MistryK.P. Singh
Aditya BirlaKiran Mazumdar Shaw
Srichand HindujaKumar Mangalam Birla
Ashok HindujaLakshmi Mittal
Adi Godrej Lalit Suri
Amar BoseMukesh Ambani
Arun SarinNandan Nilekani
Azim PremjiRahul Bajaj
B.M. MunjalRamalinga Raju
Bhai Mohan SinghRatan Tata
Dhirubhai AmbaniRaunaq Singh
Ghanshyam Das BirlaSunil Mittal
J.R.D. TataSwaraj Paul
Vijay Mallya
Amartya SenJagdish Bhagwati

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Last Updated on : February 3, 2014


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