2010 Commonwealth Games Road Distance Guide

Planning to visit Delhi during the 2010 Commonwealth Games? Read on to get a handy CWG Road distance guide . Know all about road routes, road distance and connectivity in Delhi.

Commonwealth Games 2010

The Commonwealth Games is one of the biggest sporting events of 2010. This time the venue is Delhi, the capital of India. The 2006 Commonwealth Games was held in Melbourne. Delhi takes over from Melbourne in 2010. This is the first time that India is hosting the Commonwealth Games. Hence, the event holds great importance for the country. The mascot for the Delhi Commonwealth Games is Shera, a tiger with human qualities.

Connectivity in Delhi

Being the capital of India, Delhi has proper infrastructure. This includes proper transportation facilities. The various parts of Delhi are seamlessly connected to each other via well-maintained roads. The city is also linked to other neighboring states and cities via five national highways. These are
  • National Highway 1
  • National Highway 2
  • National Highway 8
  • National Highway 10
  • National Highway 24
The inter-city roads smoothly connect various parts of Delhi to its major international airport. A number of buses and cabs are available to ferry you from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The roads are also well-linked to the three major railway stations in Delhi -
  • The Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station
  • The Old Delhi Railway Station
  • The New Delhi Railway Station
With the Commonwealth games approaching, hundreds of radio cabs will also be put into service. These cabs will be equipped with all modern facilities. The drivers will be conversant in English. This will ensure smooth conversation with foreigners.

Venues for Commonwealth Games

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium - The 2010 Commonwealth Games will be inaugurated here. This stadium has a total seating capacity of 130,000 spectators. It is the fifth largest stadium in the world.

  • Dhyan Chand National Stadium - It will host the hockey tournaments. Originallly designed as a multipurpose stadium, it mainly hosts major hockey events now. It has been named after the Olympic gold medal winning Indian hockey player Dhyan Chand.

  • Indira Gandhi Arena - This will serve as the venue for wrestling. This sports arena has a 25,000 seating capacity. It has been named after Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India.

  • Delhi University Sports Complex - The Rugby sevens tournament will be held here. It is situated in the Viceregal Lodge Estate in Delhi.

  • Thyagaraj Stadium - It will be the venue for the Netball events.

  • Siri Fort Sports Complex - The Squash and Badminton events will take place at this stadium. The stadium is located in New Delhi.

  • Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range - This shooting range is located at New Delhi. It will host the shooting events of the Commonwealth Games 2010. It earlier served as the venue for the 1982 Asian Games.

  • Talkatora Stadium - This indoor stadium stands at New Delhi. It will be the venue for the boxing events. It has above 3000 seating capacity.

  • SPM Swimming Pool Complex - It will be used for the aquatic events. It is named after Dr. S.P. Mukherjee, former advocate and minister in India. It is located in New Delhi.

  • RK Khanna Tennis Complex - This will be used for the tennis events. It holds the record for being the venue for the maximum number of international events.

  • Yamuna Sports Complex - It will serve as the venue for the table tennis and preliminary archery events. It has above 4000 seating capacity for tennis events. 1,500 people can be seated here for the archery preliminaries.

CWG Road distance guide

Here is a short road distance guide to some of the Commonwealth 2010 sporting venues in Delhi. It consists of some important road routes in Delhi city. This Delhi Road Distance guide shows the distance of the Commonwealth sporting venues from the Indira Gandhi international (IGI) Airport. You can get a bus or cab to reach these venues. You may also hire a private car to enjoy comfortable transportation to these venues.
  • IGI Airport to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
  • IGI Airport is about 18 kms away from Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.
  • IGI Airport to Talkatora Stadium
  • The IGI Airport and Talkatora Stadium are at a distance of 16 kms from each other.
  • IGI Airport to Siri Fort Sports Complex
  • The Siri Fort Sports Complex is situated about 15 kms away from the IGI Airport.
  • IGI Airport to SPM Swimming Pool Complex
  • The SPM Swimming Pool Complex is approximately 16 kms away from the IGI Airport.
Last Updated on : 3 September 2010