Sports in Amritsar

The state of Punjab has always been a pioneer in the field of sports. We know of great sportsmen like Bishen Singh Bedi, Milkha Singh, Maninder Singh etc. who have made India proud. They have sufficient contribution in bringing the neo age of sports in India. Sports in Amritsar is famous throughout the reaches of northern India. Amritsar, literally meaning 'the pool of Nectar', is the most holy place for the Sikhs. This city has the famous Golden temple. Sports has an ancient history in Amritsar. The Sikh 'Nihangs' or warriors were required to keep themselves mentally as well as physically fit. Thus was born the gtradition of sports and calisthenics in this holy city.

Amritsar boasts of a sports facility called the Gandhi Sports Complex ground. It is a multi faceted sports facility with accommodation facilities for the sportsmen as well. It is well equipped with a multitude of equipment and facilities as well.

Amritsar has been consistently hosting several sports tournaments. The aforementioned facility has played host to a number of intra state and national tournaments. Amritsar also boasts of several players like Madan Lal, Mohinder Nath, Bishen Singh Bedi etc. who have walked its streets before their way to glory.

Several important sports meets and administrative have happened at Amritsar over the years. The 12th Asian Federation of Sports Medicine Congress will be organized at Amritsar in 2009. It is a singular honor for this city and will mark the pinnacle of glory for sports in Amritsar. This is the first time in the history of International Sports Medicine Association that this congress will be held in India.

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