Which Indian state produces the maximum wind power?

Which Indian state produces the maximum wind power
Tamil Nadu produces almost 29 percent of wind power in India

The production of power from wind energy has considerably increased in the recent years. Very recently in June this year, India became the fourth largest country with 34.293 gigawatt of installed wind power capacity in the world.

Tamil Nadu produces almost 29 percent of wind power in India, which is the highest among the states engaged in the generation of wind power. With the highest installed wind capacity, the state is home to Muppandal wind farm, the biggest wind power plant located in India. This windfarm situated in the Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu has a capacity of generating 1500 megawatt of power. The state’s wind turbines have a total installed capacity of 7.9 gigawatt which makes it a world leader in renewable energy.

Currently, the maximum renewable power in Tamil Nadu is generated from wind turbines which constitutes more than two-thirds of the total renewable power. The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) has predicted that Tamil Nadu will double its wind-power capacity to 15 gigawatt by 2027.

In 2017, India introduced 5.5GW of wind-power capacity, 1.5 gigawatt more than the estimated target. As per the predictions of the World Resources Institute, if the country continues to function at the current installation rates, it will definitely be successful in doubling its wind-power capacity to about 60 gigawatt by 2022. With this, India will stand among the elite producers of wind energy in the world.

The other five Indian states which contribute to wind-power capacity after Tamil Nadu are-
1. Andhra Pradesh- 2.2 gigawatt
2. Gujarat- 1.3 gigawatt
3. Karnataka- 882 megawatt
4. Madhya Pradesh- 357 megawatt
5. Rajasthan- 888 megawatt

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