Which state produces maximum amount of cotton in India?

Which state produces maximum amount of cotton in India?
Which state produces maximum amount of cotton in India?

Cotton is an important crop for India as it contributes majorly to the national agro economy. India is counted among the global producers of cotton and stands at the second position among all cotton producing countries in the world. Cotton Association of India has released its recent data for the year 2017-18 on the cotton production in May 2018 beginning from October 2017. The cotton production during this period was estimated at 365 lakh bales, which marked a massive increase of 5 lakhs bales in the production of of cotton from the previous estimate.

Cotton is produced in more than 12 states in India but this year, the state of Gujarat has topped the list with a production of 125 Lakh Bales. All credit goes to the perfect conditions like temperature, soil, water availability, rainfall, fertilizers or the labour available in the state favorable for the production of cotton crop. The state utilizes about 30 lakh hectares of land for the cotton cultivation. The major cotton producing regions in Gujarat are Bharuch, Vadodra, Panchmahal, Mehsana, Ahmedabad and Surendemagar. Due to the massive procution of cotton in the state, Gujarat is considered a major hub of the textile industries in the country.

Maharashtra, with a production of 85 lakh bales of cotton, stands at the second position after Gujarat in the list of cotton production in India in 2018. The state has the maximum area of more than 41 Lakh Hectares of land under cotton cultivation.

Telangana is the third largest cotton producer with 50 lakh bales of cotton produced in 2017-18.

Karnataka with 28 lakh bales of cotton produced constitutes 7% of the total cotton produced in the country.

Andhra Pradesh produced 27 lakh bales of cotton in 2017-18.


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