Which City in India is Called The “Temple City of India”?

Map of Bhubaneswar Showing Location of Famous Temples in the City
Map of Bhubaneswar depicting location of the famous temples in the city

Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, is an Indian city commonly known as the “Temple City of India“. The word Bhubaneswar means the ‘God’s World’ and the city exhibits temple architecture down the centuries. A famous tourist spot due to the presence of hundreds of ancient temples in its premises, this city preserves its past while progressing into the future. The cultural tradition of this city is vibrant and incomparable in the Indian subcontinent; this makes it a popular tourist destination in India.

The religious city dates back to two thousand years and is named after Tribhubaneswar, which is Lord Shiva’s Sanskrit name. Most of the temples in Bhubaneswar are dedicated to Lord Shiva. According to the ancient Hindu scriptures, Bhubaneswar was counted among Lord Shiva’s much-loved places where he spent most of his time. Most of the temples in the city were built during the 8th and 12th centuries AD when Saivism (worship of Lord Shiva) ruled the religious scene.

The Orissan style of temple building in Bhubaneswar flourished ever since its outset till its entire completion extending over a time of more than 1,000 years. The city is a confluence of Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain tradition and proudly showcases some of the exquisite Kalinga temples. The temples of this city boast of the Kalinga architecture as the city is the ancient capital of the Kalinga Empire. Together with Puri and Konark, Bhubaneswar forms the Swarna Tribhuja (“Golden Triangle“) which is the country’s most visited places.

Below are some of the famous temples in Bhubaneswar which contributed to making the city earn the name ‘Temple City of India’:

  1. Lingaraj Temple
  2. Rajarani Temple
  3. Ananta Vasudeva Temple
  4. Muktesvara Temple
  5. Brahmeshwar Temple
  6. Yogini Temple
  7. Bhringesvara Siva Temple
  8. Bharateswar Temple
  9. Aisanyesvara Siva Temple
  10. Akhadachandi Temple

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