Which State has the Maximum Number of Large Dams in India?

Map of India Highlighting State which has the Maximum Number of Large Dams
Map of India depicting state which has the maximum number of large dams in the country

The State of Maharashtra tops the list of the highest number of large dams in India as per the data of the National Register of Large Dam (NRLD) of 2018.

It had 2,354 dams during the year 2018, of which 285 dams were under construction. In terms of percentage, Maharashtra has 41.29% of India’s Large Dams as compared to 35.66% in the previous edition. Although the State has the maximum number of dams in India, it has only utilized 18 percent of the land for irrigation.

Madhya Pradesh comes next with 906 dams. The State has seven dams that are under construction. The dams in Madhya Pradesh are constructed over several rivers with the motive of providing water for the irrigation facilities to the agricultural fields. These dams are the major sources of drinking water and the generation of hydro-electric power. Some of the dams have become tourist destinations in the State.

The State of Gujarat occupies the third position with 632 dams out of which 12 were under construction. Dams in Gujarat were primarily constructed to control floods. Later on, they started to function as suppliers of drinking water and reservoirs in the State.

Chhattisgarh comes in the fourth position in the list of states with the maximum number of dams in India. The State has a total of 258 dams with ten incomplete dams. Chhattisgarh State has a limited irrigation system with dams, barrage, reservoir, and canals. But the State also flaunts some beautiful dams. There are several eye-catching dams in Chhattisgarh that are pleasurable to the eyes.

Karnataka comes in the fifth position with 231 dams out of which only one is under construction. These dams are used for the retention of water, water supply, prevention of floods, water diversion, etc. These dams even distribute water to other places. They help in generating electricity from water, which constitutes 19% of the world’s electricity.

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