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Major News and Events of 01 October 2013

What Happened on 01 October 2013

Rasheed Masood gets 4 years of jail, will be 1st legislator to be disqualified


It would be Rasheed Masood of the Congress, the first legislator who stands the chance of disqualification as he got 4 years of jail sentence. It was Special CBI Court Judge, P.S. Malik who pronounced Masood as guilty. There are charges of corruption on him and he has been found guilty of other offences under IPC Sections 120-B (criminal conspiracy), 420 (cheating) and 468 (forgery). He had done a fraudulent nomination of undeserving candidates in 1990-91 to the MBBS seats allocated to Tripura medical college. He had nominated candidates from across India. Masood, a Rajya Sabha member was the health minister from 1990-91. He was taken into custody after he was convicted. This means Masood cannot stand in election for 10 years since as per the apex court directive a candidate who has been convicted cannot contest elections for six years from the time he was released. Immediate disqualification is impending on him from Rajya Sabha.

US makes groundbreaking defence proposal to India

US has given defence proposal to India which is being termed as groundbreaking as herein India, and the US will develop together the next generation Javelin antitank capability. This is for the first time the US has made such a proposal, and it is unique to India this was informed by Ash Carter,Deputy Defence Secretary. Javelin is a fire and forget antitank missile which is used by dismounted infantry and can be carried by a man. US also made it clear that it is interested in bringing new ideas on the table and will continue doing so. Carter along with Shivshankar Menon , Indian National Security Adviser will be heading the Defence Trade and Technology Initiative (DTI). He stated that the meeting between PM Manmohan Singh and the President Barack Obama was fruitful and India and the US will be collaborating on the defence front. What is imperative to note here is the fact that the defence partnership comes after 15 months of a concerted effort overcoming the bureaucratic obstacles.

Loop Telecom files international arbitration against Government of India

Khaitan Holdings (Mauritius) Limited or KHML, Loop Telecom's investor has submitted international arbitration against the Union of India and has sought damage of more than $1 million for 2G licences which were cancelled by the apex court on February 2, 2012. All the 21 telecom 2G licences of Loop Telecom in KHML has 26.95% stake were rejected by the Supreme Court. Loop had made a cash payment of Rs 1,454.94 crore and had given financial guarantees to the tune of Rs 812 crore. KHML has asked for the investment money along with 12% interest added to it from the date of the when the investment was received till when it gets its claim. It has also asked damages for the loss of shareholder’s revenue calculated more than $ 1 billion and more than $300 million of loss in market value. Before this Loop had various rounds of talk with government officials but could not come to any desired result. It has asked for holding the arbitration out of India in London or Dubai. There has been no response as of yet regarding this from Department of Telecom or any other government agency.

Bronze for India in 3on3 basketball tournament held in China

The 3on3 basketball team from India grabbed a bronze at the U-21 3ON3 International Challenge held at Beijing from September 28-30. The team members include Lovneet Atwal, Ajay Pratap Singh, Amit Kanarjee and P. Vijay. Chinese Basketball Association is the organizer of the tournament. 12 teams participated in it including Australia, India, Germany, the United States, Malaysia, Indonesia, Chinese Taipei along with four teams from China. India had a 2-1 record in the league matches. They lost to Chinese Taipei by two points and won against Indonesia and the United States to get into the quarter-finals on September 28. On September 29 India defeated a team from China 21-17 but could not win against Australia who defeated them 13-16 in the semi-final. Since India had a better score difference than Chinese Taipei it got the bronze.

Comet ISON to make passage round the sun for the 1st time since solar system was formed

Comet ISON will make a journey around the sun in the coming weeks. It will be very bright with a long tail and will be visible to naked eye an hour prior to dawn. People can view it from end October to the entire January next year. ISON is part of a special category of comets known as sungrazers. This celestial event has generated lot of excitement and organizations like College of Engineering Pune (CoEP), National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA), Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti, Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics among others are pitching in for the campaign. ISON will be coming near the sun for the first time. What is unique about it is the fact that its composition will be much the same as it was about 4000 million years back during the formation of the solar system. Its composition is that of ice and different gases. When it comes close to the sun the ice and gases will melt rendering it a magnificent bright tail which will trail for millions of kilometers. NASA has stated that on November 28 ISON will make the passage around the sun.

Biopic on Bhupen Hazarika to be produced by Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt is producing a biopic on Bhupen Hazarika and she may be playing the character of the filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi in the legendary musician's life. It is said Hazarika had a close relationship with Lajmi for 40 years. The movie will be named "Dhumuha: The Storm" and is scripted by Lajmi and Mahesh Bhatt. Lajmi will be the director of the movie. Pooja stated once the screenplay is finalized she will decide whether she will face the camera, but she was very interested in doing so with a movie like this. She also said it would be difficult to choose an actor who would essay the role of Bhupen Hazarika. Hazarika was one of the prominent figures of the cultural world in North East and he was music composer, poet, director, actor as well as author and filmmaker all rolled into one.

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