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Major News and Events of 03 August 2013

What Happened on 03 August 2013

Huge explosion outside Indian Consulate in Afghanistan


A huge explosion took place near the Indian consulate in Jalalabad in Afghanistan at 10 am. The Ministry of External Affairs has stated that all the Indian officials are safe. The bomb was there in the car and it was a handiwork of a suicide bomber. The explosion occurred just 200 m away from the consulate. The consulate did not receive any damages or anyone was hurt in the incident. The area has been cordoned off. Ambulances have been pressed in the service. The explosion did damage number of buildings and shops close by.

Telengana after effects


It seems before the Telangana state is formed officially a lot of happenings will roll on. The latest to hit the limelight is the decision of Telangana Rashtra Samiti chief, K Chandrasekhar Rao, that all the government employees who are not from Telengana should go as they have illegally taken up the positions meant for the people of Telengana. This has added to the feeling of insecurity among students who come to Hyderabad in large numbers as eventually Hyderabad is supposed to go to Telengana though at present it will be joint capital for 10 years.

On the other hand bandhs are called not only in Assam but Darjeeling is also gearing up for indefinite bandh and protestors have put police outpost and a forest bungalow on fire.

The Congress leaders have revolted over the center decision to form Telangana state and 7 MPs, 7 MLA and a state minister from Andhra and Rayalaseema regions have stepped down in protest. Others will also follow suit it is indicated. In fact the Union HRD Minister has also threatened to resign which has put the Congress into damage control mode.

Unified Licensing System announced: Vodafone need to sell 4.4% stake in Airtel under it


The final Unified Licence (UL) guidelines have been passed by the telecom department which will enable the mobile phone companies in the same or different service zone to get into roaming pacts regardless of the spectrum and technology they utilize. But they cannot have new customers in that zone where they do not possess the requisite licence as that entails to spectrum sharing, which is not permissible. The UL guidelines take the place of UASL or United Access Service Licence System wherein the operators required separate licences for a specific service. The UL also restricts cross-holding between mobile service providers. This may result in Vodafone India giving up its 4.4% stake in Bharti Airtel.

Women's Junior Hockey team to fight for bronze


The Indian team will be vying for bronze on the last day of the Women's Junior Hockey World Cup being held in Germany. Their quest for gold ended when in the 2nd semifinals they lost the match 3-0 to defending champions Netherlands. They will meet England in the bronze medal playoff. Their best performance came in this tournament but still they stopped short of getting berth in the finals. Their coach stated that the team got tired in the final 10 minutes of the game which was decisive. The team began the tournament suffering a huge defeat 6-1 against Australia but revived to win against New Zealand 2-0 in the very next match and trounced Russia 10-1.


Katrina requests the media to pull down her pictures with Ranbir


Katrina Kaif has written an open letter to the media expressing her sincere discontent in the way her holiday pictures with Ranbir Kapoor at Ibiza, Spain was splashed all over the glossies. She stated this was a particular breed of journalism which thrived on sensationalism and without any journalistic ethics. She said she was not even asked for a permission to publish her pictures and intrusion in her privacy was made. Katrina has requested the media to pull down the pictures and maintain the beautiful relation she shared with them.

Some days back it was reported in media that she was quite happy that her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor has come in the open.

Bomb detection kit developed by DRDO to unveil in the US


The bomb detection kit which appears somewhat like a small cigar box will be unveiled in the US. India's Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) developed this powerful tool which is very useful for anti-terror operations and is extensively used by the bomb detection squad. This kit will be manufactured and retailed in the US as well as across the world by Crowe and Company LLC which is based in South Carolina. This is planned to be introduced to the US Army and US homeland security forces after it acquires approval from the regulatory organizations. This kit can detect RDX, TNT, black powder and dynamite within minutes. The procedure to use it is quite easy and does not involve field calibration. Moreover, the staff can be trained to use it in few hours.


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