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Major News and Events of 04 May 2017

What Happened on 04 May 2017

Two unclaimed bags near Pathankot military base triggers high alert

Security forces and police went into high alert early Thursday morning when two unclaimed bags were found lying near the Mamun Army Cantonment in Pathankot. According to reports, the bags contained some mobile tower batteries whose origin was being ascertained.

This follows an abandoned SUV with fake number plates that was discovered a day earlier in Gurdaspur district. Investigations on the ownership of the vehicle was underway. The security apparatus in Punjab has remained on alert with increasing terrorist activity in the state.

In 2015, three armed terrorists in military fatigues had entered a police station in Dinanagar in Gurdaspur district, killing seven, including the SP. This was followed by another brazen terror attack on the Air Force station in Pathankot last year that left seven security dead.   

IIT-Delhi set to make curriculum more practical and relevant

Increasing academic pressure has been taking its toll on students of IITs with some ending up taking their own lives. The IIT Council, apex coordination body to 23 IITs, has been working at ways to make academic curriculum less stressful and more practical, along with developing wellness centres for de-stressing students within the campus.

IIT Delhi has now announced its decision to reduce the focus on theoretical learning in favour of more practical, relevant and hands-on training. The broad consensus was that students enter IITs after extensive high pressure study schedules, and post-joining IITs, the added pressure to cope was compounding the stress levels. The new approach is expected to reduce the pressure and make learning more fun.   

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